Harry Potter and..... VOLDEMORT?!? Funny!! Please read!

Harry Potter and..... VOLDEMORT?!? Funny!! Please read!

The Story Starts When Harry see's Voldemort at the Candy Shop. JUSTIN BIEBER FANS WON't like this!!

Chapter 1

The First chapter!

by: bkrulesss
Harry Potter: "Quick! Every one RUN!!!!
Every runs out of the Candy shop.
Voldemort: But, but, but, but I was trying to buy some choceletes for my Girl Friend, WormTail" Voldemort starts Crying
Harry Potter: That is it, EXPELI ARMPITS!
A rainbow Pony pops out of no where
RainBow Pony: but fighting isn't the answer!!!!!!!!
Harry & Voldemort: EXPELI ARMIS!!!
RainBow Pony stands there not dead Rainbow Pony: I TOLD YOU!! Spells CANNOT KILL ME!!! Now I will summon a army of JUSTIN BIEBERS!!!!
Rainbow Pony dies because it couldn't stand the sound of Justin!
Voldemort summons his death eaters to quieten the Justin Biebers
Death Eaters: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! death eaters die
Voldemort: Dam it.
Ron Apears out of no where
Ron: Hi Harry! I have the best fighter in the world with me............ Lady Gaga
Harry: Just great, another famous Singer
Lady gaga: Poker Face, Poke ur Face attack!Summons a spell that makes Justin Bieber fall of a cliff

Lady Gaga Disapears
A pretty girl comes along
Pretty Girl: Hi Harry I am Emily, would you mind Never ever Kissing Ginny???
Harry Potter: YES!
Ginny and Cho: NOOOO!!! Both dies

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