emo love story 2

emo love story 2

i hope you enjouy this story justa s mucha s you liked my other story!!

Chapter 2

let's party!

you get up and dust yourself off you start to collect all your things and you look up and see Drake holding out some of your books and papers with a smile on his face hoping you weren't mad al you do is glare at him"how dare he, he just stood there while Tommy beat the cr@p out of me and the worst pqart he didn't even have one smig of guilt or pitty on hs face!!!" you quickly swip the papers out of his hands and you start to walk away then when you find your seat( your favorite spot in the library it's at the vey back mostly the quietest place in the library?) you sit down and open you books and see a piece of paper with a phone umber on it, it says" call me at 255-1359 you stare at the paper then look over to see Drake watching you while pretending to be picking out a book witha smile on his face your about to go soft and give him your phone number then stop and sit down again and think"what the he!! am i doing first he's a total d!ck and doesn't even give a d@mn about me and now he wants to go out with me?? well $crew that!!!" any way he's probably playing a prank trying to shater the rest of the remains of your hart!!?? so you stand up and start to walk to im but right befor you get to him you crumple up the paper and throw it to the ground and youstep on it and say to him" that oughta whip the smirk off you're face" and it does then you say" so let me get this staight first you hate my guts and know oyu suddenly love my guts, me the geeky girl that barely talks to anyone you want to date instead of some girl on the cheer leader team you-" he cuts you short by saying" yes i want to date you( put your first, middle, and last name here) _____,_____,_____" then you ask how dod you know my last name??" it was in your journal" you start to glare then march off and start to drive back home, when you get home you close the door nad then you hear your paents marching down the stairs and then all of a sudden your in a big fight with your parents yelling" why didn't you tell us where you were and oh my good is that blood??!!!! then you hear your mom yelling"why do you always push us away we're just trying to help you" soon your in the liing room with your parents moms crying dads yelling and all of a sudden you hear something that would change this whol situation your dad suddenly yells" we can't keep doing this for you we can't support you any more so in the morning we want you out of this house and out of our lives!!!" you start to protest then stop cause you feel as if someone just stabed you in the haert with a knife and when you look up your sitting on the couch and you feel your cheak burning and realise your mom just slaped you and know she's shaking you yelling"why do you push us away??!!" you suddenly push your mom away you run upstairs and you slam and lock the door behind you and you cry until you fall asleep...

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