emo love story 2

emo love story 2

i hope you enjouy this story justa s mucha s you liked my other story!!

Chapter 1

in the library!!

you slowly open your eyes hearing the alarm clock going off(BEEP BEEP) you hit the snooze button and slowly stand up and feel the cold wood floor under your feet you walk to the window and open it up and feel the cold winter air flow onto your skin and breath in the winter air you look up at the sky and see the sun slowly rising your fav time of the day a perfect day to hit the books at the library... you close the window and throw on your shirt and pants and run down stairs but then you hear your phone ring you pick it up and there's a text from your bf saying" you better be comign to my party to night!" you text him back as soon as he texted you saying you'll be there! and you grab your books and glasses those cute but thick g33ky glasses and a piece of a granola bar and run out the door with your jacket half on and start the car and your soon driving down town to the library( so you decide to take the time rethink everything on you life so where should i start? your dad and mom totally hte you and a sisters dead you are a totally g33k and get bull#ed alot and you only have one friend but she's on a cruiseship for 2 years you have a boyfriend thats totally abu$ive and way to po$$e$ive soo and your other best friend just d!ed in a car crash so your not doing to well so all you can think of is" where is my life going??"but by the time you have time to think more on that subject your at the library you walk in and right when you walk in you walk right into a guy and a your books go every were when you finally get your self back in control you see you ran into Drake the hott!e you always wished you could date but with you reputation it just wasn't possible you see him start to open his mouth to apologies but then on of his friends named Tommy steps in and yells" oh look the little fr3akish emo robot is trying to see what pain fells like!"then he comes closer and says" well than let me help you with that" then he grabs your hand and throws you to the ground and starts to laughs then goes and puts his foot on your head and slowly starts to apply preasure then u catch a glimps of Drake staring at you looking expressionless then you start to feel rage build within you and think" what is he doing why doesn't he to something???!!!!!" and then u explode you grab Tommys foot and swig him to the ground and befor he can react your on him swear!ng at him and punching him until he catches one of your hands and pushes you into the wall and he grabs your papers and books and goes and throws them on the ground and starts to rip them and distroy all of your hard work then whn he's done he's done he says" never ever mess with me you emo b***" then walks out and befor he leaves he turns and smiles but it's not a friendly smile it's a evil twisted smile and then he opens his mouth you think he's gonna apologise or something you again but instead he goes and spits on you...

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