My Chemical Romance Ghost Story

Continuation after the prologue. (I HOPE YOU READ THE PROLOGUE TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART.) I started a new line for this so the chapter numbers won't be confused. You'll understand why the numbers are essential by the end of the story.

Chapter 3

Asleep or Dead

They got in the cemetery by discreetly climbing over the tall fence and trying their best to avoid the barbed wire. Frank was fine when he reached a safe distance to jump over the barbed wire loops. Since he was usually hyper, jumping around, he was used to it. He lifted his legs far enough to avoid any scratches, and landed safely on the damp cemetery grass. However, Gerard got his shoe caught in a loop, and to let go, he had to rid the shoe. In the process, he sprained his ankle. He gasped in pain. As for Ray who was also tall, the barbed wire scratched through his jeans, making a long cut from near the back of the bottom of his knee down to the top of his ankle making him wince for some time. When Mikey jumped over, he got a small cut near his foot, and his friends expected him to wince and make sounds of pain again like he did when he got nearly strangled to death. But he was calm when he landed on his feet.

They accepted this as Mikey getting used to injury, after that very painful experience. They walked and saw the shadows of the guards by the far end of the gate. The two blurred figures in the distance never looked into the cemetery, so the dudes were just fine.

"We shouldn't sleep by the mausoleums." Mikey spoke with no emotion. "It's too bright over there, and they will surely see our silhouettes. Let's find a good dark area."

"Uh, okay." The rest said, still shocked at the new Mikey.

They headed for a corner, equally far from the guards and unseen within the light coming from the candles on the mausoleum floors. This spot they found, was extremely dark indeed.

"Uh, Mikey?" Ray spoke through the heavy blackness of night. "You have your unicorn flashlight, right? Why don't you pull it out?"

After that, it was all silent. "Mikey?" Ray called again. "Mikey? Mikey... Mikey! Are you still there? Answer me!"

Gerard sighed. "Let me take care of this." Luckily, in the pocket on the side of his bag, he had matches. He lighted one up. Only three faces were seen: A man with olive eyes, white skin, and fake red hair; another man with very curly, fluffy hair; and they only saw the upper half of the face of the third guy, since Gerard held the match pretty high... for him at least. (;p)

As Ray suspected, Mikey was nowhere to be seen. Frank suddenly spoke, and Gerard lowered the match to see his full face. "Hey, it's like a camp out where people tell scary stories!!!"

"Great." Ray said. "What are you try--"

"I got a story, I got a story!!!" Frankie said.

"Sure, let us hear it." Gerard said, almost wanting to give up from tiredness.


"Just get on with it!" Gerard and Ray who were ever so tired said.

"Okay. Once, in a graveyard just like this--"

"Wait, wait!" Ray suddenly cut.

"What?! You wanted me to begin already! What more suspense could you bring?!"

"Well, I'm just warning that you may gather the ghosts around once you tell that story!"

"Yes, I am fully aware of that. But no matter! I am Halloween Boy, as you've recently called me. My fans also know me as Fun Ghoul." At this Gerard smirked and covered his mouth to hide it. "I saw that, Gerard!" he then quit it. Well, he tried to at least. :p

Frank continued. "My point is, nothing bad's going to happen! It's just a story being told. That can't hurt! It's not like I'm setting a curse as I tell you each word! Anyway, as I was saying... Just recently this year, three young girls--who are actually a lot like us for their morbidity and morality--, went to a cemetery like this one. They were also a band, but they just lacked a drummer and lead guitarist. The three of them really did enjoy creepy, gory things. Their lyricist in fact, wrote very morbid songs. That was kind of like our old style.

"Anyway that was very unusual for high school girls as they were. They also believed that in their past lives, their lead singer was a psycho, the bassist was a stalker, and the rhythm guitarist was a murderer. The lead was like the mastermind who decided what to do and who to kill. The stalker would follow them to see if the coast is clear. Then the murderer, who's my counterpart since she's the rhythm guitarist, does all the bloody stuff."

"Wow, I'm so scared!" Gerard said.

"Hey, hey, don't interrupt! Just wait! Like us, they planned to stay overnight in a cemetery. Lit--"

"Um, may I ask a question?" Ray asked.

"Ugh, go ahead." Frank said. "I hope this is not one of those jokes wherein what you just said IS the question. I got a story to finish!"

"Okay, wait. How did they know about their 'past lives' anyway? That's very likely for anyone. VERY LIKELY indeed." He was sarcastic here.

Frank sighed. "They based it on their current mindset and skills. They also got flashbacks of places they've never been to. They weren't dreams or imagination, but ACTUAL FLASHBACKS. Anyway, little did they know, that cemetery was where their past selves were buried. Once they settled on a grave, just like we are planning to do, they noticed the name... It was the name of the bassist... beside it was a grave with the lead singer's name... then they saw the rhythm guitarist's name. 'Cool!' the bassist said. 'Let's sleep over the graves with our names on them!' they all took it to be pure coincidence, but the rhythm guitarist had the idea their past selves might be buried. The lead singer then took a flashlight and shone it on the graves to see any other information written. The 'murderer' or the past self of the rhythm guitarist died 1994, the date before she was born, and likewise, the stalker died 1995 and the psycho 1996, all the exact dates before their current selves were born."

Gerard suddenly yawned. Frank paused from his story and gave him a sly look. He cleared his throat. But Gerard still said "Is it almost over? I'm getting really sleepy."

Frank sighed. "Okay, okay. Let's see, to make it short--well, shorter--I'll just say their occupations were described on their headstones. They were right about their past selves after all. And knowing they were the same persons as they were, they thought it'd be fine to sleep among them. But later on, they figure that even though their souls transferred to their current bodies, that after sleeping on those graves, their souls were capable of merging with their former bodies... They meet their old selves. Then they get really attached to them, that they bring the past back. They end up becoming threatening to their friends and families, and end up having all of them killed.

"How did they kill them? They skinned them! Like their past selves did to most of their victims... other than breaking bones and cutting necks. An alternative for killing was gouging the victims’ eyes out and sewing the lids into the sockets! Yes, that’s how they killed or hurt their 'loved ones.' " He made a long pause.

"Yeah?" Ray finally responded after so long.

"And, that's it! The end! How was that story?"

"Fine, yeah whatever." Gerard said and yawned. "You should really become a ghost story writer once you retire and can't play instruments anymore!"

"Hey, that wasn't made up. It was real!"

"Well, you chose the wrong story." Gerard didn't think of what he was saying anymore.

"Fine, whatever. Just check the online article for proof! You'll see what I mean."

"Oh, online articles are VERY reliable these days." Gerard said nonchalantly. Frank just scowled at him.

In the midst of all this hot steam, they were all startled when the light went out and someone whispered "Do you want to draw attention from the guards? Never light up anything again." Gerard then felt he lost something from his hand, and then they all heard a light thud as if something fell, and then rough rustling as something may be crushed as hardly as may be.

"There." They heard the new Mikey's voice in the shadows. "Now we really won't be seen."

"Mikey, you fool!" Gerard accused his brother, not bothering about the fact that the matches didn't light up when the rough sole of Mikey's shoe rubbed against them on the flammable grass. "I intended to light that up for a while only--"

"For a while? You were wasting time with ghost stories!" Mikey accused.

"That was only one story." Frank corrected.

"Huh, but still!" Mikey then groaned.

"Oh?" Ray got more suspicious. "If that's so, why didn't you tell us earlier? If this light was on for some time, then you may as well have blown it off earlier. Where were you anyway?"

There was a short pause. "Never mind that." Mikey spoke oddly.

"Back to what I was saying, my purpose for light was so we may get our things fixed and set our sleeping bags or mats! Now how will we sleep properly?" Gerard pointed out.

"Oh well. Let's just feel them like blind people." Ray suggested.

"I didn't bring any of those anyway. I'll just sleep under the stars, exposed to the whole cool cemetery. That's the way I like it." Halloween Boy said.

"Up to you." Gerard told him.

"Just follow suit. Sleep without those things." Mikey said.

"But I get cold easily, and you should know that." Gerard told his brother.

"So do I." Ray said. The perfect excuse to be covered through the night, to avoid whatever may be lurking in the dark.

"It will just take some getting used to." Mikey plainly stated.

For whatever reason, Ray suddenly remembered Mikey brought a suitcase. By this time, his eyes adjusted a bit to the dark. He couldn't see it anywhere, and concluded he left it on the other side of the fence. He started to feel uneasy about the sudden change in his friend. Gerard felt the same, and worried all the more about his brother, who he knew for so long.

In Gee and Ray's deep thoughts, they were shocked when Frank suddenly yawned. "Well, I'll look for a nice comfy grave to settle on. Don't have my own yet. :) I'll just use my jacket as a pillow." He yawned again and felt his way around for a grave. When he did, the rest heard him sit, and the end of the rustling on the stone meant he got to lie down. They imagined him close his eyes with a smirk on his face, for some reason.

Gee and Ray then heard another rustle. It was Mikey. He settled beside Frank in the darkness. The two oldest members had no other choice but to do the same. Gerard settled on the nearby grave, but Ray decided to sleep on the soil.

"You're closer to the dead, you know." Gerard told him in a soft voice.
"No, you are, since you're ON the grave. I'm on the soil, NEXT to the grave. You're right above the dead body."

Gerard just sighed. "Ah, well. I'm tired. Let's just sleep. Tomorrow--he paused and turned on the glow function on his watch--sorry. It's already Frank's birthday. We'd better sleep to regain our strength... and satisfy our little friend on his last year of his 20's." Gerard yawned, and everything fell to complete silence.

Ray shrugged in the darkness and lay on the balding grass in that area.

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