My Chemical Romance Ghost Story

Continuation after the prologue. (I HOPE YOU READ THE PROLOGUE TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART.) I started a new line for this so the chapter numbers won't be confused. You'll understand why the numbers are essential by the end of the story.

Chapter 2

This is the "Best" Day Ever

Gerard and his friends-- Ray beside Gerard, and facing you, Mikey on the rightmost part of the backseat with Frank beside him --were driving to the nearby woods. It was just a clump of dark elms and oaks, setting many shadows in all directions stretching out from it. There was enough space for the car to fit in. Ray suggested going in a bit deep, in case the cemetery guards would spot them. But he also warned not to wander in too far, or there's chance they'd never get out.

The ground became bumpier, so Gerard had to drive more cautiously. Everyone, with their things, shook inside. It grew darker than it was already night, and Mikey thought of getting his stuffed unicorn. Not because he was a scared baby! If you remember what the last chapter said, it was also a flashlight. Though things were too rough for him to even unlatch his suitcase.

As they were moving on the rocky interior of the dark and damp woods, they only expected roughness from below. So everyone was startled when they heard a loud thump above them. "Bah, it's just a branch." Frank wanted everyone to ignore it and move on.

"You're insane." Ray said. "How could that be a branch? It sounded too heavy."

"Whatever, just move on."

"Yes, I believe Frank is right," Mikey said, sounding a bit shaky.

"Not scared are you?" Gerard teased his little brother.

Frank sighed. "Look, Mikey and I both think it's just a branch. Now let's just go." He actually knew Mikey thought otherwise, and so did he, but he just couldn't wait, so he didn't want the others to investigate.

"I said it's too heavy to be a branch! Stop being so stubborn!" Ray was starting to get pissed, since it was already late in the night, and he was really tired.

"Whatever! I don't know and don't care what the heck it was! All I know is it's my birthday, and we won't get to our destination if we get distracted by that!" Frank got more impatient and upset.

"It's better to know what that thing was! What if it was a person walking late in the woods? If all this is found out, we could get sued!" Ray said, boiling blood pumping into his brain.

"Then Gerard will be blamed for reckless driving!"

"Hey, it's not my fault I'm driving so late in the night, getting really sleepy. It's all YOUR fault, birthday brat!"

"What?! I'll have you know--" Frank started, yet was interrupted by knocking from behind.

They looked, but no one or nothing was there. They suddenly stopped moving. "Brother!" Mikey who kept silent through the whole fight, called his attention. "Why did you stop the car? Quick, please! Start it again! We need to hide ourselves from this place!"

"Mikey, stop panicking!" he told his younger brother. "Why are you in such a rush? It suddenly stopped for a reason I don't know." He inserted the car keys again, twisted them and heard the engine roar. The car was stationary. He twisted the key again. It made another rough roar. "Guys, bad news. We're stuck. Guess we'll go on from here. We'd better get to the cemetery, if it's safer than here as you feel."

There was the knocking again. Frank and Ray looked to the left part of the car, which facing you would be the rightmost part... Mikey was facing the other direction, unwilling to get traumatized. "M-Mikey... I think you'd better--" Ray trailed off.

Mikey slowly turned his head. He let out a gasp as his eyes widened. A bloody hand broke through the window and started grabbing his neck. He was too scared to make a sound, or shout for help. He just made gagging sounds since he was getting choked. Frank tried to pull him, but Mikey stopped him since the grip of the filthy, grimy, bloody hand grew stronger. He started to cough out his own blood. Frank slid out a switchblade from his pocket and aimed to stab the strange, inhuman hand.

Frank sighed. "Too bad. I left my gun at home."

"Frank, wait!" Ray stopped him.

"What? Why?! Can't you see he needs to be saved?! Don't stop me now!!!"

"But you might hurt Mikey!"

"It will only be a little scratch, if ever! That little wound is better than having him lose his life now!"

"You're right." Ray agreed on that part. "But you might stab too strong, and kill Mikey!"

"I'll see about that." He merely said, and aimed for the wrist. He made a large incision as anyone would slit their own wrists when they can't take things anymore. The stress on Mikey's face lessened, meaning the grip got weaker. What was weird though was no blood trickled down from the already bloody hand.

"Gerard, quick! Try to start it!" Frank immediately yelled.

"Oh, Heaven help us." Gerard nearly whispered, with his eyes shut tight. He twisted the keys again, with a strong force, and once the engine kept purring, he immediately stepped on it, swiftly motioning to fifth gear, though he knew he could be risking his car. They moved deeper into the woods, not wanting to look at what they left behind. Gerard made a turn, and made sure to not be within the sight of what just happened.

"Still in the mood for sleeping in the cemetery?" He whispered to the rest.

"Well, whether we sleep here or there, it wouldn't make a difference now!" Mikey said, feeling his neck.

"How do you feel now, Mikey? You oka--?" Ray paused. "Oh no, Mikey. I hope that doesn't mean anything."

"What?" he started to get more anxious, again. "What shouldn't mean anything?"

Frank and Gerard respectively turned to his direction, and were equally shocked. Gerard adjusted the rearview mirror so Mikey could look.

There were red, black and blue marks all over his neck. The red was obviously the blood. He was also bruised. Mikey got wet wipes from a pocket inside his suitcase. He cleaned his neck.

"Ouch!" he said. It turned out he had a few scratches and gashes. "That was actually one rough, or shall I say sharp hand." He made more painful expressions as he winced.

"When you're done, let's set off." Gerard said.

"Finally, someone who understands!" Frank said.

"I mean we should leave soon, in case whoever or whatever that was followed our trail. Let's just hurry. But our scent will linger... Well, we can't avoid that. Let's just hurry. Our scent will eventually get lost." Gerard explained his side.

Mikey stopped dabbing his tainted neck. "That shall do for now." he finally said.

"Did the pain lessen?" Ray asked.

"No... I'm not okay."

"Are you joking?" Gerard asked. "This isn't funny. You're even the one injured!"

"But I'm really not okay! I promise! I'm not joking. I'm not saying lyrics of one of our old songs just because I want to, okay?! That's really how I feel!"

"Never mind."

Frank let out a heavy sigh. "Let's just go."

"Too bad we didn't bring along a first aid kit." Mikey said. Everyone else silently regretted that. Then, they went out the car, making sure to do everything discreetly, when Frank suddenly banged the door.

"Frank!" Gerard whispered loudly. "We don't want that thing to find us again!"

As Mikey shuddered at the thought he tried to forget, Frank groaned and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. It's probably dead out there right now."

Gerard sighed. "Watch your moves next time! Cases like these are extremely dangerous." Frank just kept quiet after that and shrugged. Gerard continued. "It's just like having a stalker or something deadly after you, and you don't want it to find you!"

"Gerard, stop!" Ray said.

"I'm just explaining how crucial this is to Frank here, who apparently CAN'T COMPREHEND ANYTHING that's GOING ON RIGHT NOW. And--"

Ray interrupted him by clearing his throat. "I'm referring to this." He gestured at Mikey who was looking down, shivering. Gee had no choice but to hug his brother...

Though when he did, Mikey just shoved him away. He started walking towards the cemetery, and they followed. "That's weird." Ray whispered to Gerard.

"What? That he should reject his brother's concern? Right."

"No... Mikey was reluctant to go to the cemetery a while ago. Yet now, he's leading us there quick."

Frank overheard this and said "Trauma in the woods is probably leading him there. Based on the horrible scene a while ago, he probably trusts the cemetery more now, that there may be fewer troubles within."

"But that's still a fair doubt." Ray said.

"Hmm... That's true." Frank merely replied.

Mikey was already quite a distance from them, so they had to catch up. Frank was the fastest among the three, and got close to Mikey.

"Excited, eh? I'm glad you are." Frank said, slightly smiling for the first time in a week. Though it was a tired smile, one that wasn't that happy... A smile that meant he was trying to be happy again, for he was near his destination.

At this though, Mikey didn't say anything, and just stared forward without blinking. All of a sudden, Frank noticed something really weird. No matter how ridiculous it really was, he decided to tell his friend, hoping he would reply. "Uh, Mikey? Hey, wait a second. I can't believe you wore eyeliner when we're not even going onstage! Don't tell me you're going to perform for the dead!"

As Frank said that, it occurred to him: Did Mikey even put eyeliner before coming here? No, his eyes were clear... Now they were all dark and... His pupils had no shine. He also seemed paler than he normally is.

Frank stopped awhile and waited for Mikey to go a distance. He then waited for Gerard and Ray to catch up and he told them so. They both thought it was ridiculous. They just agreed it was pure shock and trauma--the reason he was pale was because he did lose blood a while ago, and they were really not sure how much. It was also really cold, and judging how he acted, they concluded he was also scared. But since he was still able to walk and seemed fine for the moment, they thought he was still okay. For his darker and dimmer eyes... he was just stressed. To put it all together, it was late in the dark black heart of the night, so a mixture of lights and shadows could play tricks on the naked eye.

"Can one really get eye bags so soon?" Frank questioned the conclusion on Mikey's stress.

"Who knows?" was all Ray said.

"You're the beauty expert, Frank." Gerard teased, still finding a bit of amusement in the midst of inexplicable horrors.

"Oh, Gerard. No, you are." Frank was suddenly flattered. They started to "quarrel" on who the beauty expert is.

Ray started to think things were getting weird, and he got annoyed. "Guys, will you cut it out?! We all know you've had this affair for a long time already! But you can't think of that when one of our dear friends has a big problem! His problem is bigger than you think!"

"Right, right." Gerard said.

"For Pete's sake, Gerard! He's your brother!" Ray said.

"Yes, alright, I get it! I'll solve this later, once we settle on a grave."

"Don't you mean IN a grave?" Frank grinned.

"You know what? If we weren't in this kind of situation, I would've laughed." Ray said.

Gerard sighed. "And if Mikey didn't leave us like that, he would ask 'who's Pete?'"

"Right. And he would also point out the fact none of us bothered to bring a tent!" Ray said.

Gerard and Frank were about to laugh or smirk, when they realized what he said was seriously true.

"Wha--woah-- WHAT?!?!" Gerard asked in shock.

Frank then realized on his own, in terms of his preferences, "We were really not supposed to bring tents anyway! We're supposed to experience the reality of this endeavor."

Ray and Gerard didn't know what to say after that, and walked along. After sometime, they arrived at the tall, ancient, dark, gothic cemetery fence, where Mikey was, motionless. He was in an awkward position, with his suitcase messily placed on the muddy ground. He was kneeling on one knee, the other was up. He was staring down with his right hand touching the moist soil. When they got near him, Gerard as a brother knelt beside him. He was supposed to give some inspiring, comforting, or encouraging words. He had thought of them when he walked that way. But when he saw Mikey's face, as Frank observed, he fell silent. He stared more, hoping Mikey wouldn't notice. He really hoped their assumptions a while ago were right, that he was just traumatized and stressed, and the paleness just meant he lost a bit of blood. Or maybe the lights and shadows were just trying to fool him. He crossed his fingers.

Mikey suddenly turned his head and stared at his brother with the blankest eyes ever. "What do you want?" he asked. "You've been staring at me for the past 2 minutes. Do you want something?"

"N-no." Gerard stuttered, seeing a totally different Mikey. He knew him for 30 years... and now, he wasn't him.

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