My Chemical Romance Ghost Story

Continuation after the prologue. (I HOPE YOU READ THE PROLOGUE TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART.) I started a new line for this so the chapter numbers won't be confused. You'll understand why the numbers are essential by the end of the story.

Chapter 13

Bulletproof Heart; Bury Me in Black

In the room, the doctors checked his heart rate and supplied more oxygen. They even checked his blood pressure, pulse, and other important factors. When everyone looked at Ray's heart rate show on the machine, it was slowly becoming normal. All the band members got hopeful smiles on their faces waiting for Ray to open his eyes.

"Ray?" Frank closely whispered. He and the brothers stared at their friend intently, with their hopes up. Their smiles turned into grins when they saw Ray's eyelids quiver. They moved closer, and saw Ray squint and finally open his eyes.

"RAY!!!" They all happily said. They hugged him gently on the bed.
"Hey--guys-- Where--am--I? "
"You're in the hospital." Gerard explained. "They brought us back to lif-- no, they saved our lives."

"That's good." Ray said. "Wait... I remember my heart was stabbed with a needle... Oh, sorry Gerard, about the word I just said. But I'm wondering: how did they fix it?"

"That's what we were wondering, too." Mikey said.
The doctor they desperately argued with stepped in the room.

"Oooohh..." Frank made fun of him again. "It's Dr. I-won't-do-my-job-unless-gravely-insulted-as-long-as-I-get-the-money. Ok, I admit that sucked as an insult, but I'm tired and I need to sleep. I'm gonna lose fan girls if I get eye bags!"

Mikey and Gerard yawned as well. "Us, too. Uh, the sleep part... Ok, and maybe the fangirl part, too..." They were too tired to really care anymore.

"Doc, how did you revive me?" Ray inquired, very curious. "My heart was severely pierced!"

"Well, the moment I left the room, as your three friends may recall, there was an instant donation. It was from an unknown donor..."

"How can someone donate a HEART? Won't he have to die to do that?" Ray got even more curious, and so did his friends.

"Yes." The doctor merely said. "Whoever must've done so must really love you very much."

As Ray started wondering, and as his three friends were nearly drifting to sleep on his bedside, a nurse rushed in. "Doctor, guys, YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!" she immediately rolled in a portable TV with an antenna. It was the local news. The signal was pretty spotty, but it was clear enough to understand what was going on and catch what the reporter said.

"The lives of the members of one of today's popular rock bands were risked last Halloween when the supernatural nearly got the best of them." A lady spoke, standing in front of the cemetery gates. "The security cameras hidden in the cemetery show it all." They saw a segment of the bloody, horror-filled night they had. "Yes indeed, My Chemical Romance had one horrific Halloween celebration. Looks like rhythm guitarist Frank Iero's birthday blast turned into a whole party wreck. This very morning, he and Mikey Way watched gravely injured Gerard Way and Ray Toro in the hospital. I am glad to announce they are alright now. But what remains a mystery is how Ray survived, since his heart was deeply stabbed with an extremely large needle. Whoever sacrificed his or her heart for him is still anonymous. Back to you--" the nurse turned the TV off.

"I never expected this band--our band-- to be talked about in such a way!" Frank said.

"Wow, Ray." Mikey said. "I wonder who sacrificed his or her heart for you, knowing there's a 70% chance the operation might not work."

That got Ray thinking of all the possible people who could've done that. It was clear no one died right before his operation, or if anyone did, their hearts weren't healthy enough. The only possible conclusion that remained was someone sacrificed his/her heart for him. But who, and why? Did he mean that much to whoever did so?

"Hey, Ray." Frank called his attention. "Did it occur to you one of your relatives could've done it? They're the most probable people to help save your life."

"Oh, that could be possible! Oh no... If any one of them did... He or she sacrificed his or her life for me! That means I'll never see that person again! But who-- Who would love me enough--" he broke off.

"Why don't you try calling or texting any of them to get an idea?" Mikey suggested.

"Yes, I could... I'll do that right no--Oh no!"
"Why? What happened, Ray?" The other three asked.
"I think my phone fell on the way... Somewhere in the cemetery..."
"Oh, that reminds me!" Gerard suddenly said. "We need to put grandma to rest."

"Wh-what? What are you talking about?" Ray started to get confused.
"Long story." Gerard merely said. "Come on, let's go back to the cemetery... Are you well enough to walk, Ray?"

"I'm good." He said. "Thanks to whoever majorly saved my life! I shall find that out later... Now what were you talking about?"

"You'll see." The others simply said.

They arrived in the cemetery again, where there was a strip of caution tape over the gate. There police surrounding the area, investigating and making notes. One of the policemen caught sight of the four. "Excuse me, sirs." He said. "You're not allowed in here. And I don't care how important you are, either."

"But, sir! This is extremely important." Gerard pleaded.
"I, in turn, dropped something in--" Ray started.

"Really? Was it this?" the policeman held a plastic Ziploc with a mobile phone inside.

"Yes, sir." Ray spoke honestly. "That is my phone."
"Ahah!" the policeman exclaimed. "A suspect!"
"What?!" they were all shocked.

"A suspect?" Ray confronted. "I'll have you know I was the one victimized, by someone who stabbed my hear--"

"He's right, boss." Another policeman approached. "That's what the early morning news said. And, sir," he now turned to Ray. "I suppose this is your wallet?" He handed Ray's wallet also in a Ziploc. "We were suspicious about this, but we're convinced we can trust that you wouldn't do such a thing. You just recovered this morning, after all. Anyway, I'll eventually find out if you were part of the cause of the mayhem."

"Thank you," Ray simply said, just thankful he was no longer suspected.
The first policeman responded to the second one. "How sure are you that what was reported is true?"

"Do I need to take out my portable lie detector?"

"Oh, never mind." He then turned back to Ray. "Here, take your stupid phone. ~'Extremely important'~" he mocked Gerard's words.

"What I meant was WE came to see our grandmother." He then put a hand on Mikey's shoulder.

"Do that some other time, sir."
"Oh, COME ON!!" Frank suddenly yelled at him. "We're BUSY rock stars!!! Can't you just give us the time to do this right NOW?!"

"Okay, okay..." the policeman felt threatened by the lad who was 5 inches shorter than him. "But I suggest you take the very left side, so you don't step on any of the evidence."

The four walked in, to the very left side. "Wow, Frank! You were so convincing!" Mikey complemented... sort of.

"Yeah, Frank." Gerard said. "Thanks!"
"No problem!" Frank said and let out a little laugh.

"But wait--" Ray got confused. "I thought our business here was done?" No one replied, and the other three merely led him to Elena's grave.

"Okay." Gerard said. "We just have to sing. Ready?"
"Sing?" Ray asked.

"Helena!" Gerard said. "Sing your parts, Ray. Until we get a sign that she's resting peacefully."

Ray got even more confused. He started to wonder if what happened in the cemetery the night before, and very early during that exact day had knocked Gerard's consciousness out of his brain.

"He's serious, Ray." Frank assured him.
"Yeah, we rose her from the dead to help save our lives..." Mikey said.
"Ray, trust us." Gerard said. "We need to get her to peaceful rest as soon as pos--actually, right now."

"Oh!" Mikey exclaimed out of the blue. "And I still need to get my suitcase at the side of the cemetery fence on the right side! But I'll focus on that later. This is more impor--"

"OUR THINGS!!!" Frank suddenly remembered aloud. He looked at the graves they slept on, and saw the things were gone. "They're no longer where we left them!"

"Let's just ask the police later." Gerard said. "Long--"
"Wait, what about me?" Mikey cut the singing. "I don't have any back-up parts."
"Just sing the main part with me. I think grandma will appreciate our dedication that way. Okay?"

"Okay, brother. I'm ready."
"Reeeeeally?" Frank asked quite jokingly, as if he already forgot their things were missing. "You're WHAT ready?"

"Fvcking ready!" He was suddenly jolted to reality. He almost forgot what he did in real life since he was possessed last night.

"Woah there, baby!" Frank said coolly. [He said this before Mikey did on the actual Vampire Money track, though. Just saying.]

"Okay guys." Gerard called their attention. "Let's start now..."

They started singing Helena again. Then suddenly, as they were about to finish the first chorus, the grave glowed bright golden-yellow and then faded away. They were so shocked, they stopped their singing.

"Does that mean she's sleeping peacefully now?" Mikey asked.
"I hope." Gerard said as he brushed off some dust on top of the grave. "Something tells me she is. I just feel it. Can you feel it, Mikey?"

Mikey stood still for awhile, with his eyes closed. He opened them again and said "Yes, I feel it."

Frank merely smiled at the peaceful scene. It was all over... the stress the night before and during dawn. Though, Ray was actually the most astonished. "Wh-what just happened?! Why are all of you acting as if nothing UNUSUAL happened?!"

"Maybe 'cause... we're used to it now." Mikey said, pretty calmly.

"Many inexplicable things happened when you were asleep, Ray." Gerard said. "I couldn't believe it all at first. But now, when I look back, it was all incredible...and I do admit, scary. We actually survived!" he turned to Frank. "Some birthday party, huh?"

Frank merely laughed. "Yup! The best one yet! Now I know, that no matter what happens--oh, never mind. This sounds really cheesy."

"Just say it! No matter how lame or insane you think it sounds!!!" Mikey said. "Take this solemn moment to reflect."

"What are you, some psychologist-guidance counsellor-advice giver-nerd?!" Frank asked, practically breaking the "solemnity" as Mikey had put it.

"Maybe. :D" Mikey said.

"Anyway," Frank started. "I know now, that true friends never leave your side... even if thousands of zombies are munching your flesh as if it tastes like Skittles... and you're nearly dead."

"Not bad, Frank." Gerard said with a little laugh. "Pretty insightful of you."

Ray merely listened to the pretty weird, yet true things they were talking about, not sure how to react. Nevertheless, he merely followed when it was time to leave. They finally walked back outside, while Mikey rushed to the other side of the cemetery. He found his already muddy suitcase and rolled it back to the front.

"Oh, good for you, Mikey." Frank said. "What about OUR stuff?!" He referred to Gee, Ray, and himself. As he said that, Gerard and Ray were finished confronting with a policeman who pointed at the front side of the tall cemetery fence.

Even Gerard and Frank's backpacks, and Ray's briefcase were in large, clear, transparent, plastic bags. They took their belongings out of the plastic. "At least our things are cleaner than yours, Mikey!" Frank joked, even though it was true.

"Ha, ha. Yeah..." Mikey merely said. Gerard then picked up the water jug he prepared not even more than a day ago, which was also wrapped in Ziploc. He wondered what the police thought when they saw those things in there. Would they be accused for breaking a little rule? The newspaper clearly stated they weren't allowed there during that time. Gee pondered as he opened the lid and checked the water. It wasn't even soiled. He smelt it, and it was normal. It was only then he realized he didn't have breakfast yet, and he went a long time awake, injured even, without eating anything. He sipped the water in a pretty generous amount, which felt really good.

"Hey, give me some of that!" Frank noticed, and ran up to him. It was half-full now. As Frank started gulping the water, Mikey grabbed the jug cautiously trying not to spill anything, and drank. Ray then said "Hey! I NEARLY LOST my life, and came from surgery! I need that more than you do!" He took it from Mikey, who wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as if he were still 10 years old. Ray looked disappointed at the half-cup that remained in the jug. It was good enough anyway, for now. What was more important was finding out who sacrificed his or her life for him.


The title had 2 parts to represent what happened to Ray and their final ritual for Elena.

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