My Chemical Romance Ghost Story

Continuation after the prologue. (I HOPE YOU READ THE PROLOGUE TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART.) I started a new line for this so the chapter numbers won't be confused. You'll understand why the numbers are essential by the end of the story.

Chapter 1

Cemetery Drive

It was a foggy October noon, the 30th of the month, and Frank was very anxious. His door was cracked open and Gerard, who happened to be passing by, had the urge to peep in. He heard unusual noises, and that was his reason. Frank was packing things into a backpack.

"Uh, Frankie? What are you doing?"

"Getting ready."

"Isn't it a bit too early?"

"No. I'd start too if I were you. We leave today, remember? We'll go by nightfall. That will surely stir us up in a good mood for the rest of this--uh--endeavor? Yeah, whatever..."

Gee wasn't exactly sure if "good" was the appropriate way to describe the mood for whatever "endeavor", as Frank put it, they were about to get into. He wondered what the right mood was then. He started to ponder and was about to leave, but something just rushed through his head, and something in him just made him step backward again and ask... "You've been--" he paused, a bit nervous to talk to his partially changed best friend. "--serious lately...." He made more careful pauses as he spoke. "Anything going on there in your little world of nightmares, Halloween Boy?" he tried to stir up some humor, hoping the usual joker would respond in a more positive way. The tables were partially turned at the moment--he was the one comforting him instead.

"Halloween boy," as how he was just called, sighed and gave him a tired and serious look. The group’s joy whenever they’re all down was the one down. Who would be able to help this guy out in times like this?

"Don't ask me now." He merely said. "I-- I'm busy. Let me concentrate. Just go pack your bags."

This was a different side of Frank that Gee just saw, the side he wasn't exactly used to. He sighed and set for his room. He was deep in concentration that he didn't notice someone heading his way.

"Ow, Gee! Watch where you're going!" Gee was frazzled of his mixed thoughts--of a different Frankie, and of what was to take place later that night called sleeping with the dead. Even though he knew the guy he just bumped into for more than ten years, he still didn't seem to recognize him. There was a huge fluff in his face which he brushed away.

"Hey, hey, easy on the hair!" Ray said, failing to control his annoyed feeling. "What's up with you? First Frank's the one deeply affected, and now you?"

"Well, if a friend is down, doesn't he make his friends down too?" he merely said.

Ray sighed. "Look." Then he put his hands on Gerard's shoulders, and stared at him with a serious, explaining look. "We all know there's something different about Frank, and there's just something drawing him to the cemetery... Who knows what sort of force that is, whether it may be some evil energy, or just his own will. We don’t know for sure. But let's just comply--"

"No. That's not it." Gee said.

"I know. I wasn't done explaining."

Gee made an even deeper sigh than Ray just did. "I have no time for this... I need to pack my bags. I'd pack too if I were you."

Ray was a bit startled, for he swore he overheard Frank say the same thing a while ago. Though he let out nothing of the topic and merely said, "Uhh, okay. Thanks for the reminder. I knew we were to leave today, so I finished it up last night, hence come evening of this day, I wouldn't rush and be pressured."

"Right." Gee said. "Good for you." He just didn't think of what was going on at that moment and pushed his long-time friend to the side. Then he proceeded to his room. Ray stared at him go and let out another sigh. "What's wrong with people today?" his thoughts ran. He started off, but noticed Frank's room, where Gerard had just been peeping through, having a conversation with him. He quietly side-stepped, then stopped near enough to see what may be going on inside. He was then startled when the light coming out was quickly replaced by dark brown wood with a complementary slam in the background. He shrugged on his own, in the silence of the cold, dark, and seemingly damp hallway. He went downstairs to find Mikey setting a suitcase right beside the

"Wow, you're very eager, huh? When did you start packing?" he asked Mikey, and decided to go sit beside him.

"Only a while ago. I double-checked everything already! Oh, but I'm not as excited as you, since you prepared already last night. I just got my suitcase here to avoid pressure later. You know... My brother sort of thinks I'm a bit frail, since I'm really thin. I just brought it down now, to avoid any possible insults later."

"Uh, good thinking... At least you thought ahead." Ray wasn't sure whether he was supposed to compliment or debate him otherwise. But he decided it was okay that way, for everyone was in pretty much a dark mood that day.

Mikey laughed a little, and when Ray noticed this he tried to smile, but knew it just didn't work so he quit it. Unusually, Mikey was the one to say a mouthful this time. "Even birthday boy himself isn't done with the packing. He was the one supposedly most eager about this, the one who dragged us on his Halloween-y spider web to this--what's the word?--venture! No, doesn't sound right. Undertaking! No, wait… ENDEAVOR!!! Yes! But I think I still like venture best. After all, it’s the first that came to mind."

Ray wondered if it was pure coincidence he heard his three friends use the same word to describe their plans, or if something was up. There was something suspicious lurking in the air, and he could feel it. It was a strong nauseous sensation that he couldn't really fight off. There was something heavy and uncomfortable lingering around their "home" that day, but he just couldn't distinguish what.

Mikey suddenly made a little laugh again. "And the one who loves Frank the most amongst us is the last to even get started! You know what I mean, right?" Ray made no response. "Uh, Ray?" Mikey called his attention. Apparently, Ray's focus was no longer on Mikey's sweet and colorful words, and when Mikey noticed Ray's stare was set upward with a serious look, as if something was haunting the place, he tried to stir up more buzzing. "Everything okay?"

Ray didn't move or make a sound. Mikey spoke again. "Is everything okay? What’s going on under your 'fro, dude? Is there a giant wasp or something in the air? Did my stuffed unicorn suddenly come to life and is dancing on the dusty ceiling? Well, which is actually impossible, not because people think toys can't come to life like in the movies, but because he's all trapped with my things in the suitcase!"

Ray snapped out of it, probably because of Mikey's many words, or because he was sick of the feeling and wanted to avoid it by talking to his friend. "Uh... I'm okay. I'm fine. Uh, you packed your stuffed unicorn?! Why? Aren't you too old for that?" So that's what drew him out of the trance.

"Hey, I may need some fascination at least in that dark and gloomy place. My unicorn has more than one purpose. It's also a flashlight, since its horn lights up! And it's also sort of a radio, for when you squeeze its tummy, it plays pretty music! It's even a guitar tuner!!! Just connect the electric guitar to its mouth, and the eyes will turn the respective color! The left eye indicates whether the string's tuned or not, lighting up when so! The right indicates the string number, with an assigned rainbow color for each, leaving out indigo. Since there are only six strings as you know, only six colors are needed. Though for my bass guitar that's a different story since there are only four strings. Shall I explain how--naah, it probably won't interest you since you're more on lead guitar. Oh! And for acoustic guitar, the legs may be strapped around the usual tuner spot!"

"Wow, I'm starting to wonder how you can still stick with the rest of us. You must be the one with the most bright and lighthearted thoughts. For now, since our clown, Halloween boy seems all down in the dumps, you're the happiest one yet. One thing is, when it comes to the stage, you're not as hyper as you are here."

"True, I've seen comments all over the internet! But what does it matter... That's who I am, and who I'm known for. It won't be nice to be inconsistent. But then, fans know how to adapt... But still."

"Oh, and we may almost be switching places, too, since you're talking and explaining more." Ray changed the topic almost unconsciously. "The only difference is your mind is still focused on your bright and colorful world..." Ray sighed. "Oh well..." he got up. "May as well bring my things down, too."

"'Kay." Mikey merely said, and watched him go up the dim stairs, to the dark and gloomy hallway. Moments later, Frank was carrying a large backpack, coming all the way down. Mikey looked eagerly, glad he wasn't going to be totally left alone.

Halloween Boy was really quiet, compared to his usual self. And, unlike most cases, Mikey was the one who encouraged him, or tried to brighten his spirit. "Hey, Frank! Excited for tonight?" He wanted to bring up--if not good--a better mood in his friend.

"Uh, pretty much. Once I get to see all the familiar headstones on the nice, soft grass, and get a scent of the 'fresh' cemetery air, I'll be fine. Or at least better than my current state. I can't wait for the same old peacefulness again. The peacefulness I haven't endured in quite a while now. I've been too busy with my career, I couldn't relax. Well, not in this way--The way I prefer to relax. I need this time to calm down."

Mikey wanted to tell him more, since he thought that wasn't the real deal. He thought Frank didn't need to calm down, but to lighten up. His mood was heavy today, contrary to who he is most of the time. But, judged on how Frank was behaving recently, Mikey didn't dare speak those thoughts. He merely said, "Okay. I'm pretty excited, too, since it's the first time I'm doing this." He wasn't sure whether that was a pure lie, or a bit of the distorted truth.

"Okay..." Frank said flatly. "I'm glad you feel that way." Mikey expected an unsure or unconvinced tone from him, but he really sounded emotionless. He had even less emotion than the last time they talked about this cemetery trip.

Meanwhile, Ray triple-checked his briefcase (yes, that's what he decided to use, and yes he checked it yet another time) and decided he was really ready, hoping "celebrating" Halloween Boy's birthday would cheer him up in a way. He carried out his briefcase of extra clothes and a bit of food, with a pillow and blanket, too --it was a pretty big briefcase and the pillow wasn’t that big, and he only put one set of extra clothes, so it all fit--and stepped into the even darker and mustier hallway. Something, Ray sensed, was really wrong that day. The hallway didn't feel that peculiar a while ago. There was a heavy presence that made him feel he was being pulled down. He fought back, moving with difficulty to the staircase. He wasn't carrying anything heavy, yet it still was difficult to move for a reason. Then things abruptly grew darker. He thought that for a second or two, something happened to his eyesight. But no, that was not the case for it was all real. Things seemed to blur, and it all grew dimmer. Even though there was light outside the window, none of it seemed to penetrate a single centimeter indoors. It became harder for him to move, like there was a force pulling him and he couldn't tell from where; be it behind, from below or above, in front, from within, or just everywhere. He clearly knew it wasn't anything psychological since he still had sense of what was happening. Suddenly, Gerard came out of his room carrying his backpack. That was when things seemed a little bit brighter and less heavy. But Ray still felt some discomfort within the premises. He waited for Gee to come closer, hoping that if he had company, the "presence" would go away. He thought that if it was after him, being with someone would threaten that force.

Gerard finally reached him. "Hey," Ray said, expecting to be relieved, but he wasn't, for some reason. "Uh, hey." Gee merely replied. "Why did you wait for me? You know you could have just gone ahead."

Ray thought about explaining his recent uneasy feeling to him, but then decided not to. The thing is the presence didn't leave. The two walked down together, the heaviness dwelling upon them. With a bit more effort, they reached the stairs. Ray sighed, a bit more relieved, but not completely. Gee wondered where his sigh of relief came from, so he looked at him in question. Ray noticed this, but didn’t bother to look back or answer, since he couldn't find the right way to explain this. He usually could explain things, but not this time. He hoped Gerard would just forget it and look away.

"Ray. What's going on in your head?" he didn't forget it though, and still noticed his friend immersed into something.

"Uh," Ray just said. "Not much... I've just been thinking how to celebrate Frank's birthday in the cemetery, that’s all."

"Oh..." Gerard said, unconvinced.

They walked down, and spotted the two youngest members of the band sitting on Mikey's suitcase. "I wonder why Mikey brought a suitcase." Gerard said out loud, hoping to change the "down" mood a bit.

"Maybe he didn't have any other thing to use." Ray said, the heavy feeling lessening, but it still lingered.

"Wonder what he did to the unicorn backpack I gave him when he was still fifth grade."

"Hate to break it to you, but that was long ago."

"Yeah, but since he loves unicorns so much, who'd expect him to throw it?"

"That depends. What color is it?"

"Uh, light pink?"

"No wonder."

Gerard just stared at him and went back to climbing down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Mikey and Frank heard two sets of footsteps and were glad to see the other two ready. "Great, now we may all leave." Frank said.

"Wow, packing sure took almost half a day!" Mikey said, trying to lighten everything, since everyone had serious looks on their faces. He felt, since the joker was sad, he had to be the substitute in their little circus of blood and sharp things. Though, he was only a failed jester-in-training. Down came the ringmaster and... the guy with the craziest hairdo. "It's already four in the afternoon..." Mikey continued, tried to sound cheerful. "Get it?"

"Yes, yes, we do." Ray finally said, when no one responded.

"Wait, I still have to get a water jug filled." Gerard said and strode swiftly to the kitchen, where no more than a week ago they planned this endeavor, and had an argument the day after. When he was finally done, they all set out.

"Uh, guys?" Mikey was first to speak when they were outside. The quiet guy was the one who had to speak now. "How are we supposed to get there?"
Gerard sighed. "Let's just use my car."

Where they were currently staying was quite far from the cemetery they decided to go to, thus the trip with light traffic would be an estimated two hours. However, the traffic that evening was heavy, the people going to suspicious who-knows-where to do sinister who-knows-what. So, by the time they arrived at the cemetery gates, it was already nightfall. It was darker than the shadows on the pitch black heart of the sky... darker than the black holes in the very dark oblivion of space. It was all darker than black. That night, there were no visible stars, and the only light was the full moon. The cemetery was quite isolated from the city, which was seen at a certain distance. The city was seen as only three dots of light, over an elevated piece of land which wasn't exactly a mountain. They looked into the cemetery and saw only silhouettes of everything. They saw the dark grass and the darker burial places. The mausoleums were bright, though, with candles all lit inside each. Within the darkness, shadows and figures they couldn't make out lurked, though they only believed it was the grass blowing in the wind. Save for there was no wind, for the leaves on the trees weren't rustling...

"Ah, just the way I like it." Halloween Boy said.

Since he was assumed the lead, and he was doing so, the other three behind him exchanged glances. Yes, Frank really enjoyed strolling through cemeteries, and it's probably a good trait for an ideal My Chemical Romance member (for the sake of putting the proper mood into songs). But he never showed such enthusiasm and excitement to go to one.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a guard who approached them. "Sorry, you may not park here, sirs." A co-guard came by his side. "And you're only allowed here for 15 minutes, if I’m not mistaken. Remember, we close tomorrow, and it's recommended you go the day after."

Frank started to argue and act violently, but Gerard, Mikey, and Ray pulled him back, Ray's hand on his mouth. Frank aggressively persisted and tried to fight them off. Ray intelligently spoke, "Okay. We'll find another place to park first."

They all got back in Gerard's car, releasing Frank once they were completely locked inside. "What the hell did you do, Ray! Just fvck off my life, okay?! It's my birthday! Well, going to be."

"I lied, damn it." Ray said. "Yes, we'll park somewhere else to be inconspicuous, as we forgot to earlier. We could secretly park in the woods. Then we sneak in the cemetery to stay overnight. Or, even better--we'll just sleep in the car and sneak in the cemetery tomorrow."

"Yes! Ray, you're a genius!" Mikey said, feeling much better about the new plan.

"Fine with me." Gee agreed.

Birthday boy was the only one who had a problem with that. "No! We'll stay overnight IN THE CEMETERY!"

"W-why?" Mikey asked.

"Because it's my birthday and I say so."

"Being scared isn't the key, Mikey." Gerard warned. "Some creepers in the night plan to get or even feast on, or do any other horrid things they can to those with great fear. You know they can smell fear within people. The fearful ones are the ones with souls easiest to harvest." Every time he said "fear", he added great emphasis to it.

"Gerard, stop scaring your little brother!" Ray spoke authoritatively.

"You’re not my mother!" Gerard said. "I'm even older than you!"

"By only less than two months!" Ray was interrupted, yet went back to the point. "Besides, what if Mikey gets traumatized?! What if he gets so psychologically affected, he won't be able to sleep, or worse! He'll commit--"

"Would you all just keep quiet?!" Frank said, out of frustration. "This wasn't part of my birthday plan. There is nothing to fear in the cemetery! We'll just find a comfortable spot to settle on, and that shall be fine. It will be just like a camp-out."

"Oh, alright." Ray said, thinking Halloween Boy was getting more spoiled for a reason.

After that, Gerard ignited the engine and set off for the woods.

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