emo love/

emo love/

i saw this story and thought you should read it it is sooooo good!!!!

Chapter 2

christopher the second chapter

I stared in disbelief. C? As in Christopher? I was so confused. Why would he give me his number? Why did he act nice, and then be so mean? Ahh, my head was going to explode from having so many questions. I decided to just leave. I didn't have anything else going on today that I really matterd. Plus, it wouldn't matter after tonight.
I threw my empty bottle in to the recycling bin. I got into my locker,hung my backpack onto one shoulder, and started walking to a school door. I bumped into someone on the way there, and I stumbled back a little dazed.
"Sorry," I muttered, until I looked up to meet Christopher's beautiful green eyes. "Or, maybe not." I slid the bottle cap out of my jacket pocket and showed him the inside where the number was written. "This yours?"
He just nodded. "Text me or something," he instructed.
"Why?" I squinted.
He shrugged. "Because I want you."
I stared at him for a moment before I slowly nodded and said, "Alright, fine. I'll text you when you get out of school."
"What about you?" he asked.
"I'm going," I replied.
"I'm guessing it's not for an appointment or anything," he stated, raising an eyebrow.
I nodded. "You guess correctly. Wait, why are you being nice to me?"
He looked down at his feet. He looked so cute. Why did he have to be so cute? I needed to get myself in check. I wouldn't be seeing him after today.
"I... I feel like I'm..." he stopped talking.
"Like you're what?" I asked, trying to get him to finish.
"Never mind. Just text me later," he muttered, and walked around me. As he did, his hand gently brushed against mine, and his finger curled around mine for a second. I looked at him in surprise, but he was already walking away.
* * * * *
I texted Christopher at four. It was weird. I wasn't used to texting anyone. So, I sent out a simple, "hey, it's(put your name in blank spaces) ________."
He replied back a few seconds later. I was surprised at how quickly he'd done it, like he was waiting by the phone. I shook that thought out of my head quickly. Yeah right.
(christopher, you)
"hey(: what r u up to?"
"just chillin in my room listening to some tunes. & urself?"
"pretty much the same, except i'm playin some tunes instead of listening. what u listening to?"
"heaven can wait by we the kings. what u playing?"
"ur kidding, right? i'm totally singing and playing that song right now."
"that's he!!a weird."
"ur tellin me. especially cuz i was thinking about you when i started playing it."
"yeah. when i think about that song i think about u. if i had written it myself it would be for u."
"u aren't trying to break me, r u? cuz i really don't need that right now. actually, no. go ahead."
"what do u mean? why would u want me to break u?"
"cuz it wouldn't matter. u won't be seeing me around anymore after tonite."
"what's that supposed to mean????"
I didn't reply to that. He didn't need to know details. He texted me about six times after that, each text seeming to get more frantic.
"what do u mean,________?" "________, text me back, plz." "________, don't hurt urself. u don't have to go there." The last one he sent was the one that actually got my attention more than any of the others.
"________, i'm sorry for ever hurting u. i'm sorry i never stood up for u. i'm sorry i never showed u i really care. i do care, ________. i love you. and if you kill yourself, i will be right there beside you. i live to see you everyday."
I stared blankly at the screen. Now I knew he was lying. No one cared about me. He COULDN'T care about me. He would be the last person I'd expect. He was so...perfect. It just couldn't be possible but it couldn't possibly be true?
"now i know for a fact ur lying. no one cares about me & no one will. bye, christopher. just know that i think ur beautiful, so don't change after i'm gone, k? k."
Then, I turned off the phone and walked over to the bathroom slowly. I grabbed seven bottles of pills and brought them into my room, and then ran downstairs to grab a large glass of water. I took that up to my room and locked my door behind me for the last time.
I decided to stay long enough to watch the sun set. That had always been my favorite part of the day, like all the troubles in the world were melting away with the sun. I sat, staring out my window until it grew dark. Then, sighing, I walked over to my bed, gathered an appropriate-looking amount of pills and took them, swallowing them one after the other. When I finished, I walked over to my desk and sat to write a note.
It simply said, "I couldn't take it anymore. -________."
I laid down in the middle of the floor and put the note beside me. I was starting to feel woozy. Suddenly, there was a loud TAP on my window. I looked up in confusion, then slowly sat up and made my way to the window. I opened it and found myself face to face with Christopher. He didn't say anything; he just placed one hand on my cheek and pressed his lips to mine in an amazingly-sweet kiss.
"________, please don't leave me. I love you so much. What I said in that text, it's true. It's all true. Please, you have to believe--"
That was when he saw the empty pill bottles and the empty glass. He looked and saw the note on the floor. And then he saw me start to fall to the ground.
"________!!" was the last thing I heard. That anguished cry rang in my ears, resounding in my head over and over. I believed him, but I had believed him too late. I somehow managed to make peace with that just before my head hit the ground and everything went black.

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