emo love/

emo love/

i saw this story and thought you should read it it is sooooo good!!!!

Chapter 1

chriristopher in the begining

I leaned back in my seat, looking at the clock, counting down the minutes until the hour was over. I hated school; it was like my own personal Hell. I had no friends, and I was bullied a LOT. I'd learned how to take care of myself, verbally. I was working on the physical part. But I was an outcast, just because of the way I dressed. There were other kids who dressed kind of like me. There was this boy, Christopher. He was gorgeous. But, he hung out with the jocks that treated me like s#it. I didn't know how they all managed to stand him, and vice versa, but he seemed to make it work.
The bell rang and I sprung out of my seat, gathering my books and shoving them into my backpack. Now I got to go to lunch. That was my favorite part of the day. I couldn't leave the school because I didn't have a car yet, but I ate outside when it was nice out, like today. I put my backpack into my locker, sneakily grabbing out my MP3 and putting it in the pocket of my black Skelanimals hoodie.
I went to the cafeteria and bought a PB&J and a V8 Splash, and I was walking out of the line to go outside when I heard someone yelling.
"Hey, emo $lut!" someone called. I recognized the voice: Josh Hanley, school's biggest jock and Christopher's best friend. Josh was pretty big. He wasn't fat big, but tall and muscular. He had sandy blond hair and bright blue eyes. The girls pretty much died just to be with him, but I found his ugly attitude made him super-unattractive. And to make this all the worse, I knew he was yelling at me. I was the only one he called "emo $lut."
I ignored him and kept walking, hoping that I would make it at least by the office before he tried anything.
"EMO $LUT!" he yelled louder. "I'm talking to you!"
Still, I kept walking. The office was about thirty paces away. I could make it, I could make it.
Then I felt a hand grab onto my arm and I was yanked to a halt. The person - Josh, I could tell - spun me around to face them.
"You shouldn't ignore me when I'm calling you," Josh said venomously as he was all up in my face. I leaned back a bit and raised an eyebrow. I noticed Christopher behind Josh, watching me with careful eyes.
"Oh, you were calling me?" I asked innocently. "I thought you were talking to your mom."
Josh's already annoyed expression darkened. I glanced behind him at Christopher to see him laughing silently. Josh followed my gaze, and Christopher immediately stopped.
"What are you laughing at, fa&got?" Josh spat. "You wanna get punched?"
Christopher quickly shook his head. How could he just let him talk to him like that? I thought they were best friends...
"Hey, don't call him a fa&got," I said, getting Josh's attention back. "Does he look like a bundle of sticks or a cigarette to you? No. Learn how to insult, dumba$$."
"You wanna keep talking, emo $lut?" Josh asked heatedly. "I will hurt you."
I shook my head in disgust. "Yeah, 'cause that makes you SUCH a man, hurting a GIRL."
Josh looked pi$$ed. He snatched my sandwich from my hand and threw it on the ground, then he stomped on it, sending peanut butter and jelly flying. I just stared down at it with a blank face as he completely destroyed my lunch. Then out of nowhere, he grabbed the V8 bottle from my hand and threw it. I didn't even see where it went, he threw it so far. I could see why he was the star quarterback. When he finished, he smirked at me cockily. Christopher was looking away with a blank expression.
"You're a d!ck," I stated. "Both of you are d!cks." I turned around and started walking outside again. I didn't even look for my drink, just because I didn't even care anymore.
I went outside and sat at one of the far tables by myself. I pulled my hood up and stuck the earbuds from my MP3 into my ears. I turned to the song "3D" by I See Stars and quietly sang to myself. I was trying to block everything out. I couldn't stand this anymore. It seemed like no one cared about me. All anyone wanted to do was hurt me, put me down, snuff me out. Maybe I should just hurry the process and snuff MYSELF out. That sounded like such a tempting idea. Maybe I would do it tonight.
I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone placing my V8 bottle in front of me. I stared at it for a second, and then turned around and looked up straight into the eyes of Christopher. He had a meaningful look on his face.
"Thank...you...?" I said, confused, pulling one of the earbuds out.
He shrugged. "Didn't want you to still think I'm a d!ck," he stated.
"Why would you care?" I asked dully.
He looked down at his feet and then back up at me. His face had hardened. "I don't," he replied, then walked away.
I shook my head and shrugged, putting the earbud back in my ear. I was about to open the bottle when I noticed that it had been opened already. It didn't look like there was any missing from it, but he could have spit in it or something. I unscrewed the lid, and something on it caught my eye.

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