Don't Look Back~ A Vampire Story

ok so here is my first group story. the second chapter is reserved fot catissocool. maybe i will pick u for the third!!! have fun

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Don't look back! Don't look back!" a girl about 8 years old screamed to her friend. They both ran for their lives, with the friend's father close behind. A crackling wildfire was gaining up on them.
The father looked at her daughter with a fearful look. The fire roared and moved faster. Countless sparks emerged from the blazing wildfire. The daughter looked back at her father. Her emerald green eyes bore with the chocolate brown of her fathers. He was 5 feet ahead of the fire.
The father lost speed. He was enclosed by the burning fire. His burning body lay lifeless on the forest floor, covered with mousy-brown leaves. The girl felt numb. She ran faster. Her best friend was losing her energy. But the fire gained speed, and moved faster. The fire crackled and gave off more sparks. The friend was devoured by the fire. She was badly burned. But the smoke didn't clear up.
The girl believed her best friend was dead. Tears stung at her eyes. The fire was stopped by the pouring rain. It was like fate. She collapsed on the ground, stunned by the fact that her father and her best friend were dead. She automatically blacked out.


I woke up abruptly. Beads of sweat clung to my forehead. The daylight shined through the blinds. The clock beside me read 7:00. I climbed out of bed and went downstairs. A box of cereal was sitting on the kitchen counter. As I poured myself some cereal, my older sister entered the cozy kitchen.
"Mornin, Ivy!" greeted my sister sarcastically.
"Welcome to the kitchen. This is Taylor standing next to me, and what Taylor, is your favorite type of cereal?" I replied saucily. I stuffed a spoonful of cereal in my mouth.
Taylor sat down. Her thin, jet black curls bounced. The light hit her lime-green eyes to make them shine. I finished the rest of my cereal quickly.
"My favorite type of cereal is Fat Puffs. Fat Puffs, filled with fat to make you as fat as a puff! Coming soon: Low fat Fat Puffs!" she answered back in an announcer voice. I sighed. The sarcastic comeback fights are so fun, I thought. As I left the table to do my hair, the fiery red curls bounced as high as a kid on a trampoline.


I walked in the crowded hallway to class. Book in hand, I found the correct room and walked inside. In the room, 24 desks were lined in rows. A frost-white white board stood clean in the front of the room. I plopped my bookbag on the fourth row, third desk. I placed my Math Book on the desk and put my bag on the back of the chair. I looked to my right.
There was Jake Stone, my crush. We are just friends, but Courtney, the most popular girl in the 7th grade is crushing on him too. I have a feeling he likes me better than Courtney.
"Hey, Ivy," he said. "Hi Jake." I answered. The teacher strutted in. She was wearing a crisp navy suit and skirt. She clapped twice. The sound rang through the room. All the talking students became silent.
"Class! Attention please." Mrs. Arial barked. Wow, she is such a strict teacher, I thought for the millionth time. "Now, class, today we will be learning how to evaluate variables. If I said 'Evaluate x+2,' what would..." her voice droned. I drifted off in my thoughts. Then, a piece of paper was placed on my lap. It said:
Hey, your hair looks nice today.
I smiled and took out a piece of blank paper and scribbled:
Thanks. Do you have a football game today? Cuz this week there's a game I will cheer at...
I placed it on his lap immediatly. Jake opened it up and nodded. We both had a flood of notes on us.

Yeah Ivy there is.

Ok. And by the way, nice hair too. It looks awesome with the bangs up.

Thanks Ive. Ya know what?


I actually like you better than Courtney.

:0 Really? You'd rather have me than popular Courtney Smith?!

Yeah, you're nicer. Way nicer than Court.

Aaaaw, Jake that was so nice,

I actually meant it Ivy-Ive.

Ok, JakeJake. I believe ya.

Then, Mrs. Arial saw me not paying attention. "Ivy? Can you tell me the answer to the problem I just gave?" she asked me. It just snapped me out of my thoughts. I searched frantically for a random answer in my head.
"5 times k." I answered with a knot in my stomach. "That's correct, Ivy." she said with a hint of surprise. Nice one, Ivy. Read a note on my lap. I looked up at Mrs. Arial. She silently scowled. I smirked.


I got home from school, with Taylor as my driver. I flopped on the bed as soon as I got to my room. Taylor walked into it, too.She flopped onto her bed, same. Did I mention we share a room?
"Hey, Ive, there's a cool movie coming out." said Taylor."Oh yeah? What is it?" I answered. Taylor picked up her Seventeen Magazine, even though she is only 16. She pointed to the Hot Flix page.
"It's called Grave of the Halo. It's about a girl who is an angel and she dies from another angel killing her. Then, she becomes a grave angel so she can guard the heavenly souls." I sighed. Taylor always used the trends to make me go to a movie with her. But, it sounded pretty good.
"Cool, I'll go with you." I answered. Taylor smiled and looked for the opening date. "Oh, shoot. The opening date is in early January." I knew it was mid-October. "Oh, well." I said. I was on my bed... I fell asleep instantly.


A girl about 8 years old walked out of the fire. She was not harmed at all. As she looked up, the rain poured down, extinguishing the fire.
Her best friend, who's father had just died, was exhausted and on the forest floor. She walked up to her. Her friend was asleep. The girl looked down. She looked so innocent there. She could be killed by a fire in a second.
The girl gazed at the sky. A gigantic thundercloud loomed over head. It rumbled and a bolt of lightning struck the gray sky. It was not raining, though. She knew it was a sign. Then, a man made out of heather clouds flew down from the sky. His grey eyes bore fire into the girl's sky blue.
"Annie, you must turn your friend into a vampire," he whispered once he came to Annie's level. She looked at him.
"No, I must not. I want Ivy to live a normal life. Not a vampire's like mine." replied Annie soberly.
"You must. It is her only way to survive. If not, I will make the thunderclouds shoot lightning at her." the cloud man warned with a bit of scorn. Annie gasped. She knew it wasn't much longer until the cloud man would return to the dusky sky and kill Ivy. Annie thought at what would happen if Ivy died.
A feeling came over her. She knew she must. Annie walked over to Ivy, sleeping on the mousy leaved ground. Tears stung at her eyes. She knelt down and did what she never hoped to do to her best friend . . .


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