The Curse of Halloween (Chain Story)

A horror story about Halloween, not very original I know but I thought it'd be fun to make a chain story about it and see where it went.

Chapter 1

Trick or Treat

by: _Ripple_
Alisha quickly changed into her Halloween costume, a witch's outfit, and went downstairs. She said a brief goodbye to her mother and went out the front door. She was fourteen years old, this was the last time she would be trick or treating. She headed towards the house across the street where her friend Hannah lived. The big house was completely covered in an odd mixture of Christmas and Halloween decorations, it looked terrible. She rang the bell once and waited a moment before the door opened. Hannah smiled at her, she was dressed as what was probably supposed to be a vampire. "I like the house", Alisha lied.
"Yeah right, it looks like a tornado hit it", She laughed. Alisha laughed with her, but didn't object.

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