Dreams (Chapter 1)

***Character Descriptions so Far in the Story:
-Beautiful long, smooth, curly locks of dark brown hair
-Deep blue eyes
-Prominent cheekbones
-Dark pink lips
-Thick eyebrows
-Long black eyelashes


Chapter 1

She Awakens

Soft light played upon Rhiannon's light curly brown hair. Her blue eyes twinkled, but with worry and fear. She had just awoken from a nightmare, not that this was unusual.
Rhiannon was used to the horrible dreams, for she had had them for almost as long as she could remember. In fact, she could even wake herself if she wanted to during a dream.
But this dream...This dream was different. It had seemed almost as if it were real. And, she could wake up.
"How did that dream go again," she thought.
*****Recalling her dream****
Rhiannon stood in a dark room, but with just enough light so that she could see what surrounded her. White, yet faded, walls enclosed her. On these walls were runes of some sort painted in red.
This dried color of red she knew fairly well though. She knew the auroma that filled the room all to well. She knew the sound from the past of the victims screams...The certain color....----
That was when she heard it. The soft patter of footsteps rang in her ears..But from where?
There weren't any entrances or stairs. It wasn't coming from one particular direction either; maybe from above or below, or both.
The sound was getting louder by the second, so Rhiannon prepared herself and clenched her hands into fists and awakened her sences.
Then it spoke.
"Hello Rhiannon," it said calmy in his deep ancient voice.
"Who are you?!" Rhiannon yelled franticly.
A small chuckle sounded echoed throught the room and through her bones.
"I am the provider of life. I am the giver of death. I am the past, the present, and the future all at once. But, the real question is, who are you, Rhiannon?"
There was a very long pause.
"I--I am not sure," she said sadly, but with truth. "I am an orphan. I am a citizen of Sethleapoc. I--I am nothing else."
"But you are!" roared the deep voice, which suddenly got angry. "You fate is great! You must understand that you hold many destinies in your hands as we speak!"
"I don't understand though," she said on the verge of tears from the voice's anger.
"I know," said the voice calmly once more. "Which is why you must leave this place. When you awaken, leave forever. This land is keeping you powerless. Start a great journey to anywhere but here. Your own fate will guide you. We may or may not meet again. Do you understand?"
"Well, not really--"
"You need to. Afterall, I can change my mind and give your fate to someone else, and destroy your existanc---"
"Yes. I understand," Rhiannon moaned miserably.
"Excellent. Remember what I have said. Goodbye," the voice whispered.
Then the ground shook. Rhiannon fell over onto the floor boards, twisting her ankle.
She yelped in pain.
The vibration became more voilent.
Then another voice! ---Wait no! Thousands of voices-chanting, singing, screaming, laughing, taunting!
The runed on the walls glowed cherry red, getting brighter by the second.
Soon the whole walls themselves looked as if they were on fire. Rhiannon shouted out for help, withering in pain and agony, her eyesight fading away.
"Help me...help...me..." she whispered.
All of the sudden, the hundreds of runes all shot out beams of red light into the center of the room, right above where she lay.
The beams collected into a big ball of white light, which then projected a white beam of light into Rhiannon's heart.
The noises stopped, as did the vibrations. And there she layed in her hard hay bed.

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