Sadness circles

Chapter 1


we sit waiting for the day when our lives are going to change,
we wait for the answers to so many questions,
we cry from the right reasons,
and we die for all the wrong reasons.

But we figure that if everything ends
then all our questions and lies have been anwsered,
as we sit and wait
many people start to stare and wonder
and we start to find ourselves in the drakness,
crying away the pain.
the pain stapping into our black hearts,
the pain that pierces through our flesh
and all to help us through the hard times.

But those hard times aren't over,
they stay forever and ever,
never solved answers and lies
and never told stories.

so we sit and wait for the answers and the lies,
and wait for the end.

and now the end comes as we pull a trigger,
and stop the pain and the sorrow.


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