sweet justin bieber

Yo!I have tons of jb stuff out there look it up!

Chapter 1


One sunny afternoon me and my friend kirstin were going to the school bus and we saw that justin bieber was there with his peeps.I look at him he looks at me I was gona sit down in preety much the seat right infront of him a few seconds after I sat a big splash of soda goes driping down my head and body I stand up turn around and I say"who did that!"and one of his peeps say"umm,u can call me guilty"he laughs and throws the cup at me and I grab my bage and run out of the bus with tears running down my face and I hear one them say"yea go ahead and run u fat little pig!" And all his friends start laughing and justin hoppes up running out the bus trying to catch up to me to see if I'm ok.I hear him running and I look back just real quick and i m wyping the soda off me and he gets up to me and asks"r u ok,I'm so sorry my friends r jerks!" Still walking next to me I just look at him and say"if there jerks then y r they ur friends?" I'm starting to cry justin stops me from walking and holds me in his arms saying "shhh its ok "and I look up at him and he kisses my forehead and I'm thinking I'm new y would he be doing that!I mean,there r other girls at that school that swoon over him(I'm guessing) and I just stand there shivering cold he's all like"aww,u poor thing here take my jacket"he swings it aroung my shoulder and we walk to my house he takes the jacket and I go inside.


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