emo love

sorry its so long and im really bad at spelling.

Chapter 1

frist day

by: blue2917
The frist day of high school, i was so scared becuse i had just moved from a differnt town. I walked up the hard black stone steps. I walk though the door and am floting in a sea of faces. I move quickly to the office. The office smelled like my granmas house there was an elderly lady typing away on an old type writer and a women in her late fortys answering phones at what looked like the front desk. I go up to the lady answering the phone. She hold a finger up signily for me to wait. The person on the phone sounds angery and is yelling in to the phone. " I'm sorry your son got in touble but he did run in to the girls bathroom and stared looking into stalls!"the lady huffs. Theres more muffled yells on the other end. " Sir I dont care if it was a dare he did it and thats all that matters now if you want to complane more call the priciple!" then she hung up the phone. " Sorry you had to hear that, what do you need sweety?" says the lady. Then i reply " that ok. Um I'm new and i need my schedule and locker combiatoin." " Oh you must be claire hears your combination and your schedule." then she pulls out a map and shows me where to go and what the best routs are. "Thank you" I say as i go out the door. The frist class i have to go to is history with mr.Simmer. I walk in his class and see a bunch of people i don't know. Mr.Simmer tells us to sit where ever we want to but to expect a seating chart tommaro. I end up sitting in the front of the class right in front of the teachers desk. " So class you guys probly all ready know each other but I don't know you. So were going to have your frist assinment of the year I want you to wright a letter to me explaining who you are and what you like to do." said Mr.Simmer. Then he said go and we whent to work. Mr.Simmer couldn't have been more then 35 years old he had short black hair he kinda had a fohawk going on. I wrote my essy with little efort. I just bs'ed most of it because i want to start new and I barly knew this guy im not gonna trust him with my secrts just yet. Then the bell rang and i collected my stuff and I went to my locker. The last owner of this locker left all there goodie in it. They had a schedule holder on the door under the mirror. My next class is math with Miss Mockin. I walk in to her class and theres a bunch of posters on the wall they were " encoredment" posters. I knew me and this teacher were gonna have troubles getting along. To some up this lady in two words would be small and anchent. She had a steping stool that she had to stand on to just get to the projector. " Class if I catch you doing any thing bad im going to kick your behinds out of class you got that?" She put her eyes in to slit to dare anyone to step out of line. A trouble makeing boy in the back poped a gum bubble. The old lady literly flew across the class room. She pick the kid up by the ear and draged him out of the class room and gave him a referral. " Anyone eles?" no one resonded. " Good, now I'm going to assing you seats and books. Look for your name on the over head and when i get to your desk take the book out of the desk and tell me what the number on the inside is." I look for my name and i fined my self in the back.The girl to the right of me has pretty blond hair that flows down her back. Theres no one on the other side of me and i gess thats where the kid that had the gum goes because theres no other seat open." Hey i haven't seen you hear before and i know every one in town. Oh where are my manners i'm saddie." She puts her hand out for me to shake i grab it and say" Hi i'm claire move hear from the middle of no where about a week ago thats why i missed the thing where you got your schedule." Just then the teacher barks at us from across the room to be quiet. She gave me a look that said this conversasoin was not over and we fell silent. When the teacher got to my seat she said " Claire what is your book number?" she sounded anoyed and i quickly replide " 41 miss" the miss seamed to chear her up and she simled at me and said " You just became one of my favoirt students." then she when to the next student. After a while she when to the front of the class and said " I'm giveing you an assinment its called paint your life by numbers. You have to crate a code of numbers and write a story about math with that code keep the code sheet. You will get more in insterctions tommarro. BEGIN!" It's like she knows me i had to have a code of numbers to talk to my friend in the middle of no where. I wrote the letter with no effort at all I turn it in and every eye was on me they where stairing at me. Saved by the bell never ment more then it did at moment. I walked quitely back to my locker. The miorror clearly showed the emberisment on my face my next class is science good something im actuly good at. I enter the class and the teacher mr. Micro is standing in the front of the room. He looks really nice and kinda looks like cernale sanders. He sees my stair and smiles at me. I smile back and find my name on the board. I sit on the far right of the class in the front. My seat partner is some guy named max. I take my seat and my seat partner is missing. I wonder who would be gone on the frist day of school? oh well. The techer just made us take a bunch of notes on what we where gonna do this year. I walk to my locker when im interupted by saddie. "whats your next class?" we're at my locker now. " Um... P.E. omg i hate that class." then saddie ignoring my hate comment says " O...M...G ...WE...HAVE...THAT...CLASS...TOGETHER!!!!" so we walk to p.e. together I note that I'm getting werid look and remind my self to ask saddie later. P.e. was a fale becuse they made us play doudge ball. I triped like a million times and got hit in the face with a ball. Finaly we get to lunch. I got a saled because every thing eles looks like it could sprout legs and runaway. It lookes like your tipical luch room. The groups all seperating in to socail statices. I see we are sitting in the group that every one knows but there not the snoby people. " So saddie why were people giving us dirty looks in the hall?" " Oh there just jelouse of you becuase you've only been here for one day and your all ready the best friend of the mayors dahter.'' I all most choked on the soda I got from the " soda booth" "You totaly fergot to menchen that!" Why am I freaking out about that? "Didn't think it maderd." she serugs. " It doesn't madder it's just serpriseing thats all. The only thing that madders is that my new white shirt has a bunch of spit soda on it." i say in a laphing tone. " Here I have a clean shirt in my locker you can borrow." i say thanks and change the next thing on my schudle is English with Mrs.Pange. I walk into the room and see that its set up weird. Theres an outer
semi-circal and seats in middle of the semi-circal. The teacher kinda looked
like martha stewert but with a longer face. " Class the book were going to read
is hamlet. There is a sheet of paper on each desk find the one with your name
on it." Oh boy she even sounds like martha. I'm sitting next to a boy who looks
like hes hideing something about him self. On my oter side is a girl shes pritty
lookes like she could be a person to be friends with. There was one guy who
was hot but not gorges in my class. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. He
seemed singal becuse he was flirting with this girl turns out he had a girlfriend
who he was totaly cheating on. We got a reading list and that was basicly it.
My final class was band with Miss Abso she is short with spikey purple hair.
She litterly looked like she could sprot wings a tell us she was a magical fairy. "
Class we finly got a harp player! Lovely miss Claire here plays harp shes gonna
bring it once it gets to her house. So our lovely miss Dora is will have a friend
over in string land." Dora was very tall and she has short wavey red hair. She
plays string base. " Well i don't have any thing for you to do right now so you
can pull out your i-pods a cell phones. But don't hert your selfes. Mr ben." So
the semi-cute guys name was ben cool. Is that the bell all ready wow. I wonder
what the rest of the year will bring?

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