Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter 3

The first night, and dinner.

'hey do u want to go cheak out wat there is around?' Marlle asked me, so we all got up and walked around. there was so much to see. there was the high ropes, tennes, hills, kangaroos (though who has never seen a kangaroo up close (these girls) like come-on there are all over the bush), more wildlife and other ppl to meet. there was so much to do. i had had fun in our first activity. we had to make a short play, using only one word. gor it was fun. i dont understand much about drama, but im sure i can get help if i need it. most of the guys here were like hot, and cute, but just not for me. omg here we go, thinking about boys. after the last guy i had, i think im gonna stay off boys for a while. we so i thought. it was that night that i met this one guy, he seemed nice, but never really talked.

'So how big is ur school?', 'How come nobody else came', omg endless questions, i hate question. I grabed my dinner and waited for the girls to hurry up and grab theirs. I wasnt to hungry so i didnt grab much. we walked over to a table, but then Bath wispere something in Megs' ear and the move to sit with a guy, who happen to be sitting by himself. most guys i no never sit by themself, maybe he wanted time to think to himself. so Marlee told me to come, i think we were starting to be good friends, and we joined the other two girls and guy at the other table. i sat down and the girls were all talking to him, though he wasnt talking back. its like they knew him from school.
'how do u girls no him?' i asked them all, and thats when he looked up.

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