Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter 2

The Cowra Girls

"yea i no hey, he was like i dont care wat u say, she is mine. hahaha' one of the girls laughed as i walked in the room. oka dont no anyone here, just gonna put my bag down and go for a walk.
'hey who r u?' she asked me, 'cuz u aint from Cowra. oh ur the other chick in here from somewhere.'
'yea, im Tiffany, and im from Tullamore. who r u guys?' i answered
'im Marlee, thats Beth, Meg, Bianca and Sarah. as we said, we are from Cowra. how did ur school send u? and who was that really cute kid u were hugging?' Marlee asked a alot of questions.
'my mother drove me here and that was Dominic, who im gonna miss heaps. he is my brother. god i love him.' i answered
'wow i never say that about my bro' someone said, 'we never get on, hoe do u tow get on?'
'well, i dont no. like we fight and i mean alot, but then when one of us go on a camp or somethings, we go all depressed and we cant stand it. we just love each other to much. i dont no wat i would do without him. that cute and very funny brother of mine.' i answered and the bell up near the hall went. the girls started to walk out, oh that must mean mum has gone home. oh god, that means im by myself. here we go Tiff, just walk out and u will be fine. u dont no nobody, well enough to trust them, but i think someone will let u sit with them.

i walked up the hill and sai down onder the shade, where i was joined by Beth and the other three girls.
'looks like u could use some company.' Beth said, the other girls noded their heads and included me with their converstion. they were talking about boys.
'um i think u girls can talk. i dont talk about guys, i talk to them, at my school i hang with the guys. they are like bros to me. and im like a sis to them.' i said and kept to myself as they continued.

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