Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter 14

the ping pong game.

as i walked in the hall, i turned towards the stairs and saw some of the girls in the cabin walking down. they winked at me and said they will explain in the cabin. i didnt understand but i guess i would have to wait. well til we had to go back to the cabin. i walked up and saw that matt was playing ping pong against Tevas and i thought well i'll go sit next to david and watch. god they have werd rules. aint gonna explain cuz u'll get confused as well. so i sat down and watched the boys play ping pong. watched the ball go back and forth. god it boring. then the bell went. i got up and went to walk out of the building when matt caught me.
'can i plz have my stuff back?' he asked, god he looked cute like that.
'yeah u might as well, the smell was like getting to me. not in a bad way, but making me.... never mind.' i answered and went to bed.

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