Truly Madly Deeply

Chapter 1

Drama Camp

"Mum, could you please stay, just for a bit longer. Please because like I don't know anyone here." I begged my mother as she got in the car to go home, but then it was a long trip home. So she stayed for a bit longer, for she knew I would go nuts for time she isn't here. As we walked down the stairs with my bage, full of cloths, to where everyone went to get their names signed of the list, to say that they were here.

"Name, sweetie?" A woman asked me. I froze. I didn't know what to do, then I unfroze and told her my name.
"Um, Tiffany." I answered, "From Tullamore."
"Uh yes, you will be sleeping with the girls from Cowra. If that is ok with you?" The woman continued.
"Yeah no thats ok."
As I walked down the stairs to the cabin, I found the person I would miss the most would in fact be my brother. I loved him and nobody could take that from me. He was my little brother, my cute and funny brother.

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