Kissed By The Night

Kissed By The Night

Yes, this is a vampire story. No it's not based on Twilight. Yes, I'm sure.

Chapter 1


The year is 1803 and he has just been reborn.

She’s trapped in a corner, hiding. Trying not to breathe, not to make a sound. But it’s impossible- to her every breath sounds like a crack of thunder, ragged in the night’s stillness. The man is just a few feet away now, and although she can't even hear his footfalls, she knows he can hear her broken breathing.
“Elspeth… O Elspeth… I know your there my pretty… so come out, come out…”as Jacques whispers in his soft sing-song voice, she almost gives in. Almost. She starts to call out but at the last second, closes her mouth. He hears the sharp intake of breath, and within a blink of an eye, he’s there, in front of her, not breathing, but smelling, inhaling almost. He seems to absorb the last of her life energy as his nostrils flare to catch all of her scent. He picks up a lock of her hair between his perfect fingers and toys with it, making it dance and jump. She tries to scream but it catches in her throat.
“No, no please spare me ple-”
“Shh, my sweet, and no harm will become of thee… Shh…” he whispers again as his cold hand runs soft circles on her cheeks shutting off the last of her words, his honey sweet voice reaching to all but the back of her mind which was screaming promises of slavery and betrothal and whatever else he wanted. He leaned in to kiss her fully on the lips, but instead he drew a line down her neck with the tip of his tongue right to where her pulse beat the strongest. Her pulse was so fast, so incredibly fast it nearly drove him insane with the sound of its b-boom, b-boom. Elspeth had accepted what she thought would be her doom; to be rped and mdered by a man she did not know in an alley. She was not far off. But her death would allow Jacques to live.

So when his teeth plunged through the soft velvet of her skin, allowing the hot, sweet blood to come flowing out of her neck into his waiting mouth he felt life- not human, but super-human, a life of immortality. She gasped in pain for a mere second before allowing herself to be drained as his vampiric powers overwhelmed her. It felt so good, better than s
x or your first kiss- it was magic. He pulled her closer to him and she was momentarily stunned by the coolness of his skin. She felt him shudder a drop of blood ran down between her br*asts. It was as if the blood were liquid gold to him.
Almost violently her ripped her from him and slammed her to the wall, laughing.
“You’re going to die tonight pretty girl!” and while still laughing he continued to drink and drain her blood.
Her last memory was of the look of satisfaction on his face, as Jacques dropped her limp form to the ground and wiped her blood from his lips.
He had made his first kill.

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