Distant Lives (A Vampire Story) Part 1

Distant Lives (A Vampire Story) Part 1

Hey guyss! Here's the first part of my new series Distant Lives! I hope you like it! And thxs for reading(:

~much love
Sarai~ (:

Chapter 1

The Road That Never Ends

I looked up at the sky. It was cold...more like freezing. It was a starry night and the air was crisp. I listened to the crushing of the leaves as I stepped on them. My name is Katherine Estelle...... I don't know my last name. I ran away from home. I'm only two years old. Yeah that's very usual. I packed essential items...well what I considered essential. Three chocolate bars, a BugJuice blue berry juice bottle, a half finished bag of Cheez-Its. A few shirts,skirts,pants,coats,undies.....you know things I might need. I'm not ordinary. I'm a vampire...and a human. A vampire hybrid if you wanna get scientific. I'm running away from home because my dad left my mother and I. I don't know why.... I am only two years old after all. I left cause I couldn't bear to see my mother sulk about it. It made me sad to watch her bawl her eyes out like a baby over such a selfish choice a mere man made. I admit I love my family. And they love me back....then why did Dad leave with those dark brooding statues? I don't understand it. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and pulled out the picture I had of my mom. Her name is Bella Nichole Cullen. She was pretty.With brown medium length hair and almond shaped brown eyes. I ripped it of the photo album before I left. I put the photo back in my pocket along with some spare gummy bears. I love gummy bears more than or almost as much as I love drinking grizzly bear blood. Mmm. But I shouldn't be thinking about that now. I stared up at the starry subzero night. I knew that at about this time my mom would do and cheak up on me, and tuck me in like she did every night. Well not tonight...or tommorrow night... or the nights that come. I sighed and pulled out the picture of my great-great grandfather Carlisle Cullen. He lived in...Washington? I think. He is very handsome. He's a vampire too. But I wasn't going there as soon as I was in a 5 mile radius, they would tell my mom where I was. It's not that I didn't wanna stay with my mom. I love my mom. I just can't bear to see her cry over my selfish dad. It was his choice to abandon us and go off with those strangers. I remember seeing their hard, cold faces as they turned to leave with my dad. My dad didn't look back as my mother cryed a river. I guess I was a mistake after all. I was 6 miles away from my house. Too far to go back now. Even though I had only snuck out about 10 minutes ago. As soon as my mom knew I was missing, she would blame herself. I can live with that. She wasn't being much of a mother when she had locked herself in her room for 2 hours crying. For all she'd known I could have been kidnapped and she wouldn't have known. Oh well. I'm sure I can find it in my heart to forgive her. Well....very very very deep in my heart. If it's even big enough. I heard a twig snap. I stopped I knew that wasn't me. I stood still as a statue, which was easy. I heard another twig snap. Closer this time. I reached in my pockets for anything to protect me. I hadn't actually prepared myself for an attacker. Maybe this running-away-from-home-to-find-a-better-life-on-my-own scheme wasn't a good idea. I prayed that it wasn't a werewolf. My mother didn't hate werewolves. She was actually friends with one before........some Seth ClearSky or Clearwater....something like that. I wasn't good with names. My dad cringed at the very thought of a werewolf. He hated them. With an abosolute hatred I couldn't understand. I didn't hate werewolves....I was just....terrified of them. I was afraid of the unknown.......... not unusual for me. A heard deep breathing behind me. I desperatly searched for SOMETHING to protect myself with. A pinecone? A rock? An acorn? Anything! I found a tiny rock with a sharp end. I picked it up and turned around. I froze.... To Be Continued


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