Kaytlyn and her big FAT CRUSH

This is a story to get my own back at Kaytlyn the fat chicken lady!!!!
p.s this is a true story!

Chapter 1

The first sighting

she was working in the computer lab when a strange guy walked in he was the ugliest person on the universe he wore big round glasses and he wore overalls like harry highpants,shoes about 4 sizes too big and his hair went down to his bum!

as soon as she saw him her eyes almost popped out of her brain that's how much she loved him! i sat there making disgusted noises like blerrrk! she told me to shut up!
he came over to her desk and said will you go to the formal with me! she said of course i will!

the next night he took her to the formal! and they danced and danced to their hearts content! when they came out 5 hours later they were covered in lipstick where as i was still looking decent from my apparent formal date with _ _ _ !

the next day there was no sign of her i wondered what she was doing Matt wasn't at school either so i was very worried.
that afternoon i went to her house and found them in her room dead!!!!!
a note on her bedside table read " we will never be seperated!"

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