Chapter 1


great another school day thats just perfect. another day with my friends who i don't think really care that im there. there is only 1 reason that i even bother to go to school and that is coz of my boyfriend Jay, he is really really sweet and caring. but one of my friends don't like him and thinks i ditch her to be with him, i can only see him at school coz im always busy at ome with looking after my younger brothers, gymnastics, walking the dog and cooking dinner for everyone.

great here comes Becky, the friend i said hates Jay. she always thinks that everyone cares about her annoying problems that are really small and not important compared to others. she lives in a dream world but tells me that im the one living in a dream world coz i spend my time with Jay and not with her like i used to in yr 7,8 and 9. god she is a btch not caring about other but herself.

"hey Zoey. guess what happened? never mind i will tell you, i saw Jay and Bella together" "what do you mean together?"

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