Scared And Suicidal

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Chapter 1

Tyler's Back

I slowed to a walk and pulled my backpack higher on my back. Now where do I go now? I have no idea where Leo lives. I sighed and walked down and alley while kicking a rock. I looked around and then something caught my eye. It was a badge from Celtic Hospital.
I picked it up and saw a picture of Leo on it, it said he had been an employee. I smiled and looked up at the rooms along the walls. I yelled and none of the lights turned on. "Leo!" I yelled again and one of the lights turned on. A lady came out and I was hit in the face with something hard and sharp. I held my now bleeding cheek as she yelled for me to shut up.
I sighed when her light turned off and turned to walk out of the alley. "Spica?" I turned and my eyes widened. Tyler was standing right behind me. I stepped back and he smiled evilly.
"Finally, you're on my turf now." I turned to run but he grabbed my arm and twisted it. I screamed and he turned me to him. I managed to get my backpack off and Cleny ran out. I swung the bag and it hit him in the face. He yelled, grabbed the bag, and threw it to the ground. He pinned me against one of the brick walls and started punching me.
"Stop!" I managed to yell and I tasted blood in my mouth. He continued hitting me and soon I went limp. Even then, he continued to hit me. I felt blood run down my chin and then someone said out of the blue, "Seriously? You're that pathetic you'd hit a girl?"
Tyler turned and I fell to my side. I heard Tyler yelp and then run away. I was so tired I didn't want to open my eyes. "Spica?" Not again! "Oh my God...Spica..." I finally recognized the voice as Leo's.
I felt arms around me and then I was lifted off of the hard, cold, wet ground. "How did you...Nevermind. Let's get you somewhere safe." I managed a nod and then I felt him walking.

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