My personal Werewolf! (Embry Call love story)

Hey pplz this a Story about Embry Call DUHH!
My charaters names are
Perla-mrshardylutz-Embry's imprint
Me(maria)-AliceCullen11_Forever-Jacob's imprint
Dani-A_Fallen_Demigod-Seth's imprint
And the rest of the charaters you all know
the wolf pack
the cullens all those pplz! So yah enjoy!

Chapter 1

La Push

My mom told me that becuase she had to got to London to do her new job so she made me move to La push to live with my Cousin PAUL!

2 weeks later~
After 2 weeks I was off to La push to live with my cousin. I haven't seen him in forever. It was going to be nice to see him.....I think.
When I got to his house He came out of his house and said "Hey little cuz" He hugged me and I said "Hey". He walked me inside and showed me my new room. I unpacked and then called my mom and told her I got here okay. And then after that I went to the living room. I saw some girl there with Paul so I asked" Paul who's this?" "Perla this is my girlfriend Rachel" "Hi" she said "Hi". "Come on Perla were going to meet my friends okay" "okay"

Later~ When we finally got to the place we were going we got out of the car and went into someone's house. "Emily" paul yelled "Yah hey paul" "Hey Em this is Perla my little cousin" "Hey there Perla" "Hi". Then I saw 2 girls in the Kicthen with Emily "Who are they?" I asked Paul said "That's Maria and Dani" "Hi" they both said "Hi". Then some guys came in. One of them really caught my eye.Paul said "Hey guys" "Hey" they all said. "Perla this is Jared Brady Collin Sam Jacob Quil Leah Seth and Embry" he said pointing to all of them "Guys this is Perla my cousin" "Hey Perla" Embry said. I smiled and said "Hi" He was the one I though was really HOT. Jacob and Quil looked at him weird and Quil said "Dude can we talk to you and like NOW!". He nodded they went outside. Dani said"Hey Perla I'm Dani and that's Maria" "Hi Maria and Dani" "So your Paul's cousin?" Maria asked "Yup" I said "So how are you guys in all of this?" I asked them. Maria said "I'm Jacob's girlfriend" Dani said "I'm Seth's girlfriend" I nodded and then the guys came back in and Sam asked "What happened?" Jacob said "I'll tell you later" He kissed Maria and then went to go talk to Sam. They all seemed like they had a secert. And no one could know which made me wonder!

Tell me whatcah think?

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