Help I'm a Fat Kid!!!

I woke up this morning after a party and noticed I couldn't see my toes, help I'm Fat!!!

Chapter 1


by: DarkNight
I rush to the phone and call me friend. "Help, I've suddenly become fat,"I said. "Well that's no change, you've been fat for at least a month now but everyone's been to polite to say anything, I'm not surprised you ate two large pizzas last night," he said. I look in the mirror for the first in ages. What I'm use to seeing is a slim, muscular male boy but what looking back at me from the mirror is chubby, round male boy. This is a shock but on the other hand my body feels all soft and warm. I rush to my laptop and take and are you fat quiz.
My Answers:
Yes I eat more than most (I'm a big boy)
No I don't exercise (haven't for two months)
Yes my friends think I'm fat
I do get out of breath going up stairs

The quiz says I'm chubby but I like it, my body feels soft, warm and smooth.

The next day I meet up with my friends to play capture the flag. I run away into the trees but instead of slipping silently between them I seem to be pushing them out of way, my trousers are tight and my belly is beginning to come out from under my shirt. So back to capture the flag, this muscular, stocky boy comes up in front of me. Normally in this situation I would turn and run but I can't stop. As it happens I knock him over and carry on running but then I see a team mate running past me much faster than I'm going. I try to go faster but my body just jiggles about. I reach the flag to find all my thin friends got there five minutes before me but were pushed away by the other team. Based on my earlier experience I charge for the flag flattening a thin and person garbing it. I'm like a tank!!!

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