Here it is!!!
Sory I guess it is Roger but I'm writing like...17 other stories so you can understand how I could forget a person's (who hasn't done anything i the story for a while)name.

Chapter 4

Happily Ever After

Three In The Morning~

I got up and walked to my dresser. I pulled out a fresh razor. I walked out to the living room and stood above Sam. He looked up at me. I was clutching the razor so hard that I could feel it bite into my skin and blood crawled out of my hand.

"If you stop selling drugs...I'll stop cutting." I showed him the fresh cuts on my back. He held his breath.

"Leisha...I never knew you cut..."

"That's kind of the point." I pointed out. I opened my clenched fist and held it so he could see the blood covered razor. "It's my last one. Take it." I whispered.

He jumped up and shook his head. "Leisha! God!" He ran to the kitchen, grabbed a dish towel, and came back. Sam took the blood, threw it behind the TV, and wrapped my hand. "Leisha, I promise I'll stop. You have to stop too. I can't lose you too." Sam pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead.

I hugged back.

And that's when our lives with eachother began.

He stopped selling, and I stopped slicing.

After I graduated from high school, he asked me to marry him.

A few years afterwards, we ended up with two beautiful children. The first was a girl. We named her Zelia after Sam's mother. The second was a bouncy boy. We named him Gabriel. Why? Because that was my grandfather's name.

And forever after, we lived Happily Ever After.

The End..Or Is It?

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