Here it is!!!
Sory I guess it is Roger but I'm writing like...17 other stories so you can understand how I could forget a person's (who hasn't done anything i the story for a while)name.

Chapter 2

Tough Choices

Waking Up!~

I woke up with a thermometer in my mouth and a raging headache. Sam walked over and smiled slightly. "Hey, baby girl." He bent down and kissed my forehead lightly. "How are you feeling?" He asked as he took the thermometer out of my mouth.

My bones ached and my throat was sore. Great! "I feel fine. I'm really tired though..."

"I'm not surprised. You kept waking up and coughing and one time you ran to the bathroom and threw up. You were running a high temp, but its gone down. So, how are you really feeling?" Sam asked and helped me sit up.



"Not so hot."

He laughed before he said, "Leisha, you always look hot." I managed a slight laugh before I coughed again and he put his arm around my shoulders. "Leisha, maybe you should lay back down and get some sleep."

"Nuh uh! I want to talk about last night...this morning..."

"Ok, what about it?" Sam asked and I leaned into his side and looked up at him.

"How long have you been selling drugs?"

"I should have known you would have asked about that. Well, honestly, ever since I was almost....twelve maybe? No one ever suspects a twelve year old of those things, and that's why my dad started making me sell them. It started off selling just to close friends, then it went to friends of friends, and then before I know it I'm selling to everyone in the Quad Cities. Well...not actually everyone...but I get unfamiliar customers now and then.

"I remember hating my life. Everyday I got more and more depressed. I turned to cutting, then burning, then I tried commiting suicide. That's when I started pushing myself into the drug industry even more. It distracted me when otherwise my mind would be left alone to think about my life which has always depressed me now and then." He said into my hair. "I will quit if you want, Leisha. You're my number one priority in life now and I don't want to ruin that because of drugs; whether I'm taking them or selling them. Just say the word and I'll stop forever."

We sat in silence after that. I had no idea what was running through his mind, but I knew what was running through mine. I would be the worst person in the world if I took away the one thing that helped him stay away from the whole depression scene. Drugs aren't that much better, but at least when he's selling drugs I will know that I can leave him alone without him trying to commit suicide. But then again, if he continues selling drugs, anything could happen! He could be shot, start doing drugs, over-dose!

What's a girl supposed to say?

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