Here it is!!!
Sory I guess it is Roger but I'm writing like...17 other stories so you can understand how I could forget a person's (who hasn't done anything i the story for a while)name.

Chapter 1

You Promised!

I looked away and grew extremely silent. "You ok?" Sam asked and put his hand on mine. I nodded and we were silent until Sam's phone rang. "I'll be right back," he said and stood up. He kissed my forehead then left to go take the call.
"I thought he would never leave." Roger said and pulled Sam's chair so he could sit next to me. "Do you know how he gets all of that money?" He asked and I kept my head down. I shook my head slowly.
Roger slightly laughed, "Of course he wouldn't tell you. Well, he sells drugs. Lots and lots of drugs Leisha; he does them too."
I shook my head and tears stung my eyes. "Believe me, that's how I met him. He leaves you alone every night while you sleep, and comes back before you wake up, every single night." After that Roger got up and walked out through the back door.

2 In The Morning~

I woke up and saw Sam wasn't anywhere in the house. What Roger said immediatly jumped into my mind. I went into the dark living room and sat by an open window. Cold, winter air hit my legs and I just sat there.

5 In The Morning~

The front door clicked shut but I didn't look anywhere but out the window. By now my skin was like ice and I was so cold I didn't even shiver anymore. The light flicked on and I heard Sam stop walking. "Leisha?" I just kept looking out the window. "Leisha what are you doing? You'll freeze!" He came over and put his hand on my leg then quickly pulled back. "How long have you been here?!" He pulled off his jacket and put it around my shoulders. Sam picked me up then carried me over to the couch.
"You left me alone," I whispered and a single tear rolled down my cheek.
"Leisha, I..."
"You left me alone so you could go drug yourself up." I said and tears rolled down my cheeks. I finally realized Roger was right. I tried to pull away from Sam but he wouldn't let go.
"Lei..." he had to stop talking so he could hold me arms down to my sides. I finally stopped struggling and covered my tear stained face with my ice cold hands. I started shaking and Sam held me close to his chest. "Leisha...what are you talking about?"
I let out a breath and looked at him. "How you get all of that money...you sell drugs don't you?" When he answered and covered my face again. "You do drugs to don't you?" I said shakily.
"Wha...what?! No! I don't do drugs! Where the hell did you hear that?!" He yelled and I got scared.
"I'm sorry..." I whispered and covered my head with my arms so if he hit me, it wouldn't be that much damage.
"Leisha..." He took my arms away from my head and held my face in his hands. "I don't do drugs. I sell them, I don't do them. If I did...I would be more of a threat to you. I pondered about doing them but then I met you and I can't do drugs if I want to keep you safe." He said gently. He kissed my forehead and I fell to his chest and shook with silent sobs. He held me and rubbed my arms and legs trying to warm me up.
He set me down, left, then came back with a blanket. He picked me u and put me back on his lap and wrapped the blanket around me. "Do you promise?" I asked and he kissed the top of my head.
"I promise. How did you find out?" He asked and looked down at me questioningly.
"When...when you left to go take the phone call...um..." I put my face in his chest and mumbled, "Roger came over and told me."
"What?" He asked and held my chin.
"Do you promise you won't get mad?"
"Roger came over and told me while you were gone."
"That little..."
"You promised!" I whimpered and clutched his t-shirt. I put my face bak in his chest and he let out a breath.
"I'm sorry," he whispered and kissed the top of my head. Sam wrapped his arms around me and after a few minutes of silence, I fell asleep.

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