Crying Out

Here it is!!!
Tears That I Cry-Kangel ft. Chuckie Akenz

Chapter 1

I'll Kill You

I walked to the small, two-floor, light pink, run-down, ugly house that I was forced to call home. Being only fifteen years old, I didn't have much say in anything. I take care of my three little sisters: Kelly, Carrie, and Carmen. My mom is either sleeping, partying, or-very rarely-taking care of us.
My dad left when I was thirteen when he found out my mom was sleeping with her current boy-friend, Ben. I never liked Ben, he always...touched us; as in me and my sisters who are all still in their single digits (9-7-5). He would always go way farther with me no matter how much I protested. He's a drunk and has a cocaine nose.
I walked inside and set my backpack on a kitchen chair. My mom was leaning against the counter smoking. "Where are your papers?" She asked and I put a pile of graded papers on the table. I heard whimpering and I looked at my mom. She just shrugged and leafed through the papers.
I walked over to the basement door and Carmen and Kelly were sitting in front of it. "Where's Carrie?" I asked and the doorbell rang. "Is she down there?" I asked. They both nodded and I flung the dooropen. The doorbell rang and my mom yelled for me to get it. I ran down the stairs and saw Ben hitting Carrie mercilessly. I yelled stop. He stood up and Carrie ran past me and up the stairs.
"Don't Tell me to stop girl!"
"I want you out of this house." I said. I saw my mom come down and stand next to Ben. "Get out!" I yelled and he chuckled and put his hands on his hips. "Get out, or I'll Kill you." I finally said.
He clucked his tongue. "The sad thig is, you're crazy enough to do it." He shoved past me and then stopped at the kids. "Leave!" I screamed. My mom was yelling her protests but I tuned her out. I ran up the stairs and shoved him. He fell back onto his side and I kicked him then pointed at the door. "Get the Hell out of this house!" I yelled and the doorbell rang again.
He stood up and grabbed his wallet and car keys. "I'll be back, girl." He said and walked outside the door. Someone had been playing ding dong ditch and I saw a familiar face in the bushes. I stood just outside the doorway and me and him had a glare-off. "Don't think you're safe when I leave. I'll come back..."
I interrupted him. "And I'll slit your throat." I said. He continued to glare at me and then my mom started yelling.
"This is crazy! Get back in side; both of you! C'mon Ben! She won't do anything she's saying, and you know that! She's just a biitchy fifteen year old! Come back inside please, so we can settle this!"
I pulled a pocket knife out of my pocket and his eyes widened. My arms stayed by my sides but my right hand flicked out the knife. "Get your drunk Asss off of my property." I said and he chuckled.
"You know what, I'm not taking orders from a fifteen year old."
"Oh, the Hell you aren't." I said and my foot connected with his chest. He fell feet over head down the cement stairs. "I said get off of my property." I said and he got up.
He punched me then ran to get into his car. I held my cheek and watched as he left. I turned and a couple skaters-Jax, Axel, and Jay-stood up from behind the bushes. "Do you want to try me?" I asked and my hand lowered from my cheek.
They clapped then left.
My mom shook her head and went inside.

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