Distant Lives  (A Vampire Story)

Distant Lives (A Vampire Story)

Hey guyss! Thxs soooo much for ur support I know I havnt made any new stories in a longgg time... BUT! I made up this new series called Distant Lives. It's Twilight-ish so if you don't like Twilight exit now :P The main character is Katherine a vampire hybrid. like Nessie Cullen she is half mortal half immortal. Vampire and human. And the following is her biography so enjoy! (((:

~muchhhhh love
Sarai ~

Chapter 1

Katherine Estelle Robertson biography

birthday: September 12,1989
age: 20 (now) 4 (then)
parents: Kevin Edward Volturi (biological father; vampire)
Bella Nichole Cullen (biological mother; vampire)
siblings (adopted): Samuel, Eliza, Joshua, and Mindy Robertson.
siblings (paternal/materal): Jamie and Laura Jennings
place of birth: Anchorage, Alaska
Miscellanous: - has a distant tie to Carlisle Cullen
- has never been to a real school but she was homeschooled by the Robertsons
-She has a rare power; she can hypnotize someone and erase their meomory when done
-she wandered alone for 4 years until the Robertsons found her
-Though she prefers animal blood, she loves human food
She was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1989 to Kevin and Bella. She soon ran away from home at 2, when Kevin left Bella and Katherine to serve the Volturi. She wandered for 2 years until one day in the woods, Eliza found her and took her home to her other siblings. They raised her as their little sister for 16 years. Then one day when Mindy has a werewolf vampire hybid the Volturi come to investigate and they find Katherine has a special power. She is then hyponotized into joining the Volturi. As they return home to Italy, she kills her father Kevin for abandoining her and her mother. Some time later she meets Alec, and falls head-over-heels for him in love. But he can't be as committed as she is, and he plays with her emotions.The rest is yet to come ((((:


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