This cant be happening!

This cant be happening!

Okay new story and guess what!!! crystal0817 is Carly!!! haileyb_14 is Hailey!!!!! and the Picture is of Sierra Jane and Alexis {Alexis is on the Right and Sierra Jane is on the Left}

After about 6 or 7 chapters its gonna go into a new series well like a second part of the series(: Just a heads up!!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was caring a box of stuff from my house. I put it in the back of the my Dads expadition. "Thats all of them daddy" I said sighing and looking at my now empty house. "Sweety trust us your going to love it where were going" Mum said. Me and my twin Alexis got into the backseat of it. "Alex do you know where were moving?" I asked. "Yes but im not aloud to tell you" She said. "Please tell me! Why does mom and dad tell you but not me?" I asked. "Stop whining Si" She said. I just put my headphones in and starting listening to Scar tissue by Red hot chili peppers.
"Scar tissue and i wish you saw sarcastic it all" I sung along. "Sierra Jane sing in your head!" My dad yelled from the front. I shut my mouth and just listened. My i-pod was on shuffle and i fell asleep to the song Like a stone by Audio Play. I was shaken awake by Alex. "We at a rest stop" She said. I yawned and got out and streched. Just then the song Go hard by the rangers came on. I was suprised that it was still alive but i started Jerkin in the middle of the parking lot. People gathered around to watch, After the song ended i stopped and walked to the car someone stopped me.
By that time i was singing U smile by justin bieber. I unplugged one ear and turned to the guy "Hi how can i help you?" I asked. "Well you can start by tellin me your name" He said smiling. "Sierra Jane but i go by SJ or Sie" I said. "Well im Chaz Chaz somers" He said. "Well hi Chaz Chaz" I said smiling. "Haha its just Chaz" He said. Just then Alexis came running up. "HURRY!!! MUM AND DAD!! MAD!!!" She yelled. shiz I thought in my head. I went to leave but Chaz stopped me. "Whats your number? Never know when i'll see ya again" He said and winked. I laughed and wrote my number in sharpie on his hand "Dont be a stranger with txtin" I smiled.
I slowly walked to the car afraid to be yelled at. As soon as i got to the end of the car my mum started yellin "WHAT THE FVCK WAS THAT?" She screamed. "Dancing" I simply said and went and sat in the car just then i got a txt Heyy its the hot guy ya met;) I giggled at the txt. "Whats so funny?" Alex asked. "Nothin" I said and moved my phone away as she tried to grab it. "Nooo! use your own phone!" I said laughing. I txt back quickly sayin well..I dont remeber meeting a hott guy:P but a sexii one;) Sent it and stuck my phone down my bra. "Dude really?" Alex asked.
"Well im sure as heck aint lettin ya have my phone" I stuck my tonuge out at her. Just then my phone vibrarted makin me squeal in suprise. "Shush" Dad said from the front seat. I pulled out my phone and looked at the txt haha(: so what do you think of canada? Or are yo origonally from canada? I screamed "WERE IN CANADA?" My mum looked at me. "Yes we are" WHAT? CANADA I txt him. I put my headphones in and dozed off again. When i woke up i was in the car alone. I got out and tripped over the ground and fell on my stomach. I started laughing really hard when i heard foot-steps behind me i turned and saw a girl my age.
"Hello?" I asked. "Hey im carly i live right next door are you the new neighbors?" She asked. "I would tell you if i had any idea. but im sierra jane but call me SJ or Sie" I said and stood up quickly. "I like your name. Can i just call your Sierra?" She asked. "Sure" I said. "So where ya from?" She asked. "Washington" I said. "Wow thats along ways away" She said. "Yea i kno...Wana come in?" I asked. "Sure" She said. I could tell already we were gonna be friends. So we both skipped up my walk and into the house "MOTHER?" I called. No answer. "DAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!" I yelled really loud. He came running "What?" He asked. "WHeres my room?" I asked smiling. "Top floor all yours" He said. "YES!!! FOLLOW ME!!" I squealed running up the stairs. I got to the 3rd floor and fell on the ground dieing from running.
"That. Was. Fun." Carly said falling next to me. We both started giggling. "One more story to go!" I said. "Your house should have elavators" She comented. "I kno i think i lost 5 pounds running thaat long" I said. We decided to walk up the next flight of stairs "so hows is stratford?" I asked as we walked. "Awesome...Well so far i moved here a few weeks ago...But i made some friends i think you'll like" She said."Does a guy named Chaz live here?" I asked. "Yea hes always at my house or Ryans hangin out. Maybe you can hang out with us tomorrow" SHe said. "I would love that" I said. we reached my room i took one look at it and gasped it was AWESOME!! Their was black walls hot Pink and Neon Green and Neon purple dots on it and my bedding was Hot pink with Black sheets and Neon green and Neon purple pillows.
My desk was Black while a brand new Pink laptop laid on it with a green chair and the carpet was Neon purple {I had to put my fav colors in(: dont like it that sux} and i had a dog bed with a baby pitbull sleepying in it. "OMG! THIS ROOM IS AWESOME!!!" Me and Carly said at the same time. "Nice room sis" Alex said walking in. "I KNO!!! oh Carly...This is my Twin sister Alex." I said. I knew she'd be able to tell us apart cuz even tho our body structures and all that are the same i recently died my hair Neon Purple {ima talk my mum into that irl} and hers is our natural hair color Blonde. Shes the prep im the not so preppy one.

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