He's Dragging Me to Hell (love story) [Chapter8]

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Chapter 1


I laid on his bare chest, as he ran his fingers through my hair. I was going back through my head as to how I got like this, and how I got here?
"Is something wrong Vanna?" His deep voice asked sending chills down my spine.
"Oh no, Im just hungry," I said looking up at him.
"Do you want something to eat?" he asked resting his hand on my bare back. I nodded attempting to smile, I failed terribly.
He stood up, handing me his shirt and boxers to wear. I excitedly took them, knowing they would smell like him, and wow did he smell amazing.
"Coast is clear," he said holding my hand, and pulling me out of the room. I let go of his hand, not really feeling in the mood for love.

"So what do you want?" He asked looking through the fridge. I pulled myself up onto the counter, sitting down.
"Anything," I replied watching the door.
Suddenly it opened and a shitty looking William appeared through the door. Oliver stopped dead in his tracks, and I jumped off the counter, feeling a blush rush to my cheeks.
I and Oliver have kept this a secret for at least 3 months, me and William havent spoken in five. Its so hard to keep your mind on Oliver, when his better brother is nearby.
"What is she doing here?" William asked as if it wasnt obvious.
"Oh come on dude, its not what it looks like," Oliver said throwing that amazing line out there. I gave Oliver a glare, but turned right back to William.
"Really, cuz what it looks like is your keeping my girl company at night!" William shouted walking closer to Oliver. I blushed, only from William calling me his girl, he was wrong, but I loved the way it sounded.
"No, not at all," Oliver said backing up, running into the counter. I felt the blush disappear as William grabbed Oliver by the neck, and slammed his head into the cupboard.
"Dont ever touch her again!" William yelled as I ran over to him, pulling William away.
I pulled Williams face to mine, telling him to stop. He finally loosed up, but the damage was done, I was terrified.
"Are you ok?" I asked moving past William. Oliver only nodded, holding the back of his head.
"You’re bleeding!" I yelled, as I was pulled away from Oliver by William.
"Get to the infirmary," William said with no emotion in his voice.

William pulled me down the hall, and into a room ive never been in before.
"I missed you," William said sitting me down on a couch in the middle of the room. This was a weird room, and this is literally all thats in here apart from a piano. It looks slightly like a ball room.
"I tried calling you, but I couldnt wait my whole life." I said rolling my eyes.
"Why not? I did!" William said getting angry again. I was worried being around him now. "I was trying to teach you a lesson, but you failed." He said rubbing my cheek.
He leaned down, attempting to kiss me, but I pulled back. "Vanna whats wro-," but he as cut off by a man that looked about 50, walking into the room.
"Hello dad," William said standing up. I was pulled up, and pulled closer to William.
"Oh Vanna, your so grown up!" the man said giving me a hug. I smiled awkwardly and accepted the hug.
"William, are you going to get her ready for the ball?" His dad asked turning his attention to William.
"Ball?" I asked confused. I didnt want to be near William right now, let alone go to a ball.
"Your marriage announcement!" His dad said laughing.....


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