Complicated (Christian beadles love story)

hey, so im really bored so im making a new series!!! its christian beadles again. just making it up as i go. so if you want to be in it just message me kk. also i do love justin bieber but this girl sarah doesnt.


Chapter 1

sarahs pov

come on ellie!!! i need to get out and enjoy the fresh air. nu uh ellie said. you only want to go outside cuz christians out there. i gasped. NEVER and i mean NEVER say the C word!! i said. what chris---she started. i covered her mouth. mhmhhnn she said and licked my hand. eww gross ellie.
oh yea hey my name is sarah. let me explain who i am. i have a huge crush on one of my classmates,christian beadles, yes the man, the one and only christian beadles. i've liked him since kindergarten when i was playing "chase the boys" and fell on him. we use to be friends about a year ago and then he stopped talking to me when some famous kid justin bieber or beaver. however you pronounce his last name. its like he forgot about me. i cried myself to sleep the first week he kicked me out of his life. anyways i like him now. his friends know that and luckily they dont tell christian anything. ive really missed christian but now sadly he has a girlfriend named cindy. shes a total bi+ch. i only wish that somehow christian will find out that i like him maybe he will feel the same. soooo my sister ellie shes my twin knows i like him and now christian doesnt know who is who so she pretends to b me around him. anyways i saw christian skateboard by with his friends. i really wanted to get the mail cuz they stopped. of course ellie says no!! i ignored her and stuck out my tongue. she smirked. really sarah. really. she ran outside and yelled SARAH AND CHR----i ran outside and chased her around the front. i finally tackled her and i heard people laughing and turned around. there was christian laughing at me! he was laughing at me!!! i turned and muttered to ellie. thankx a lot. now im the laughing stock of my crush. i walked back up to my room and slammed the door. i sat on the end of my bed. my knee was bleeding. crap i said. i heard some one knock on my door. come in without checking who it was. hey i heard a male voice say. you alright. i turned around and christian was there. no my knee is bleeding i said. oh here, and gave me a towel with water on it. thankx i said. yep i heard him say. so uhh why are you umm here? i asked. oh i was--- chris!!! you take a long time in the bathroom i heard one of his friends yell from downstairs. i smirked. he blushed a deep red. wow christian just blushed at me. i tried to stand up but since i was bleeding really bad on my knee or christian was in the room and my heart and body melts when i see him. i started to fall and he caught me. i better go now and sat me back down. he started to back out of the room and stopped he was staring at something. i looked to see what he was gazing at. it was a framed photo of me and him a few years sitting on his couch in our PJ's. smiling and close to each other. on the frame it says FRIENDS FOREVER. he looked back at me and smiled.
i heard one of his friends yell there you are dude. i thought you died or something. he laughed. i got up and went to the railing and saw christian walk out with his friends teasing him. i saw he left his skateboard here. i looked down and i stopped bleeding. i ran downstairs and grabbed it. i went to the door and opened it and looked around and saw no christian. i frowned. i shut the door and turned around and smacked my head with ellies. WTF ellie what in the peters sake are you doing i yelled. i could ask you the same she yelled back. wait! is that chris--HIS skateboard? yeah, why i said. she turned around and ran to her room. ellie wait. i turned around to put the skateboard down and i heard someone knock on the door.

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