Lovelife of a lowlife

Hi, I'm Emily.To everyone else in the world, I am the biggest nerd in the history of nerds. You know, big glasses,hair always tied up,not so up to date clothes. But other people's opinion doesn't matter right? Everything changed until I saw this Hot guy. omigosh I'M DROOLING AGAIN. Anyways. you'll have to read on to see what happens.

Chapter 1

An average nerdy life

As I sat in the library studying as usual, I gazed upon the other students outside doing sport and realised we had a new transfer student.
He was so haawt! O.M.G! He had ruffled brown hair, his eyes were a deep green and you could see his rock hard abs through his sport shirt. As he turned his head to face me his hair flicked toward one side. I was blushing , I could tell, and I continued with my studying while fl!rting with him.
Then I remembered, no guy would ever choose me over the hottest girl in the school, Britney. Atleast I could dream.
Then, I realised she was looking at me the whole time.I was in deep s h!t.She and her makeup obsessed gals strutted towards me.
"Don't even think about it! Do ypu think you even have a chance against me!
I am the queen of this school!"
'yeah, the most stup!d one as well, i thought over and over in my head'
She glared at me. " nerd"she said "i wouldnt be surprised if you never get married or even find out how it would be like to be loved!" She walked off without a another word. If you were wondering, yes, it did hurt. BAD,but i have kinda gotten used to it.Happens all the time in every single nerd's llife.but still... fvck her!

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