Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

What ever happens after Breaking Dawn? Do Edward and Bella have a true unbreakable bond?

Chapter 4

Death of a Singer

by: Kristen
By this time, Bella is on her knees crying for him to change his mind.
Then Edward wearin a S on his chest pops in out of no where and comes to Bella's rescue.
"You do not know what you're missing JB! This girl breaks headboards and bites pillows OKAY! She is cooler than Kim Kardashian!"

"Uhhhh...Aint you supposed to be mad at her for wanting to leave me for you or something?" Justin says.

"Lets KILL him!!!!" Says Bella.

And before you know it, all thats left of Justin is bones and flesh.

"I'm sorry Edward. I guess it was because his initals are JB and since my daughter is meant for Jacob Black I thought me and Justin Beiber could be... I love you..."

"I love you too Bella."

And they lived happily ever after :D

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