Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

What ever happens after Breaking Dawn? Do Edward and Bella have a true unbreakable bond?

Chapter 2

Down with the Fever

by: Kristen
"Was it that?" Edward says, yanking the object out of Bella's hand, "Oh my god! Justin Beiber's latest CD?!?"

Bella looks down in guilt and shame.

"Bella how dare you? You have Beiber Fever!!" He is angry and feels betrayed.

"I'm sorry Edward!!"

"He's too young for you Bella!!" He yells.

"Uhm well apparently I aint gettin no older anytime soon and he'll like me more than all those 13 year old pre-teens cause I SPARKLE!!!" She says, taking her CD back and running out the door.

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