Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

Edward and Bella, life after Breaking Dawn

What ever happens after Breaking Dawn? Do Edward and Bella have a true unbreakable bond?

Chapter 1

Life after the honeymoon.

by: Kristen
A long time after things cooled down with the werewolves and the Volturi, Bella was now a vampire and didn't rely on Edward as much anymore to protect her. After all the pain she had went through with Renesmee after sleeping with Edward only a couple times, she gave up on trying to do it again for a while.

Edward was very concerned with this. Bella had changed so much and became distant from him and his family that he started questions.

"Bella, you know I love with every ounce of my cold, cold body. Is there something wrong?" He asks, gently.

"No, she says," while hiding a shiny object behind her back. Maybe a knife maybe?

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