Under Age & Out Of Control (21)

ok, so I made a question asking how you guys would describe Bri. None of your answers were offensive or anything besides truthful. That is exactly what I wanted to hear: your views. If I didn't want to know I wouldn't have asked. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. Never hold back. Your comments help with my ideas. I read and understand your comments.


Chapter 1

Without You

I knew I was losing more blood because my heart was beating really fast. I was filling light headed but my problems wasn't nearly as bad as Damion's. We broke away from the kiss. I rested my forehead against. "No matter what happens, I'll always love you." He said. "I told you not to talk like that. I love you, too but we're going to make it out of this and we're going to look back and laugh." I replied. He smiled. "You always look at the bright side of things." He said. "Because we're on the dark side." I smiled weakly. His eyes started closing again. "No, no, no. Damion open your eyes and look at me!" I demanded. "Someone please help!" I screamed as loud as I could. "Don't. Go. To. Sleep. You. Can't. Leave me." I sobbed. "I love you." I whispered with tears blurring my vision. "Please!" I screamed out. I heard footsteps and looked behind me. It was the football team. "If you think your going to hurt him while he's nearly dead, your sadly mistaken." I hissed. "We're not here to hurt anyone. We heard your screams of help. You can trust us." Monroe said. "Why should I? You've teased him and picked on him all year. Why should I believe you wouldn't hurt him while you could?" I asked. Then everything went black.
~????/ ?????~
I could hear something beeping. It wasn't clear. I knew what it was because I remembered what had happened. I could hear people whispering. Whoever it was wasn't being very quiet about it though. "Their still not sure if he's going to pull threw. It done more damage than they thought." A woman whispered. I opened my eyes just a little so I could see who it was. It was my mother and Monica. "What about Bri? Is she going to be ok? It will devastate her when she finds out." Monica said. Find out what? Did Dani get Jamie? I was waking up yet. They would say more when they thought I couldn't hear them. "They think she'll be fine. She lost more then a decent about of blood. They said she should have been dead from all the blood lose. I told them she was a fighter. She had more than one reason to fight." My mother explained. "What if she's not as strong when she finds out? Do you think she'll still fight?" Monica asked. "I don't know. He's been her only ray of light really the last few months. I don't really know her strengths and weakness's anymore but I know he's her greatest strength and her biggest weakness. He holds the key to my daughter. He knows her passed any point anyone else could. I'm just scared my baby won't be ok." My mother started sobbing. "She will. Like you said, she's a fighter. She has plenty of reasons to fight." Monica comforted her. I opened my eyes. "Mom." I said. My voice was hoarse and my throat scratchy. She looked up at me and came over, Monica following. My mother easily hugged me and kissed my forehead. Monica took my hand. She smiled warmly."You like close calls don't you?" She asked joking. I chuckled. "I guess." I said. My smile quickly faded. "Mom, how's Damion? Where is he?" I asked. I already knew the answer but I wanted to be proved wrong. She looked at Monica. "I'll just walk out in the hall." Monica said. "No. She can tell me with you here." I said stopping her. Monica stopped. She looked at me biting her lip. I looked back at my mother. "Their saying its not looking good for him. It done some damage and he lost a good amount of blood. The both of you did." She explained. I blinked my eyes rapidly blinking back the tears. "I want to see him." I said. My mother started to say something. "Don't. Try to stop me. I want to see him." I said.
I could see Damion. Before I moved from this bed I was putting my clothes on. I got my mother to get my clothes for me. The doctor had a bandage around my stomach so it just burned regardless.
The nurse came in with a wheel chair. "No thanks. I have to walk and stretch some. Thank you though." I said. She nodded and pushed the wheelchair aside. Her name tag read Beth. She was young with jet black hair and brown eyes. She was sweet and caring. Her and my mother was following me to Damion's room. I didn't understand why. I was walking fine. They didn't have to follow me.
I walked in Damion's room with my breath held. His mother was sitting in the chair by his bed. She stood up when I walked in. "I'm so sorry Ms. Anne. I never meant for Damion to find me-" She cut me off. "I know. The found the boy who done it. You have nothing to be sorry about. He loves you and would do anything and everything for you. I know how he was by you." She said softly placing her hand on my shoulder. Tears formed in my eyes. She hugged me gently. "He said to tell you and his dad that he loves you guys. He was convinced he wasn't coming out alive but I am. He's not leaving us Ms. Anne. He can't." I said. She smiled weakly. The lines in her face visible from her worry. "Thank you. You always look on the bright side of things. You really helped Damion recover from his old girlfriend. You mean the world to him and the whole family." She said placing her hand on my cheek. Tears rolled down my face. She ran her thumb over the tear rolling down my cheek. "Don't cry, dear." She said. I nodded. She walked out of the room. I eased over to Damion's side. I slowly took his hand in mine. "You are in a h3ll of a lot of trouble when you wake up." I joked. Tears still a constant stream down my face. "I told you protecting me would catch up with you one day and you wouldn't listen." I said. I couldn't fight it anymore. I broke down. Every bit of the strength I had held onto had disappeared. "You have to wake up, Damion. I need you so bad. I would rather die tomorrow than live another day without you. You are everything to me. You understand me better than anyone else. You give me the power to fight beyond my control. But without you, I can't fight anymore. I would be useless without you. You know me better than I know myself. Do you realize how long it takes for anyone to do that? I love you more than I could ever love anyone else. I would risk everything for you. Just to hold your hand. I never meant for you to find me and Dani that night. I meant to fight him off alone. I done it to protect you. The week I stayed away from you was to protect you and Monica and all of my friends and family. And look where it got you. Its my fault, Damion. Please don't give up. Please keep fighting. I know you lost a lot of blood and was stabbed but I know your strong. Prove everyone wrong. Prove the doctors and odds wrong. Show them your strong. Show them your strong because without you, I'm nothing. We are meant to be together. You are my heart. You are my reason to breathe. Without you, breathing is wrong. Breathing is worthless. I love you so much. Don't give up." I said. My voice breaking and shaking. "I told your mom what you said last night but I also told her that you wouldn't give up, that you had too much to fight for. Please prove me right and the odds wrong, Damion. I love you." I said. I sat in the chair by the bed and rested my forehead against the rail. I closed my eyes as the tears flooded them. I still had his cool hand in mine. "You were beyond right." He said. His voice scratchy and hoarse. I looked up quickly in shock. I jumped up fixing to hug him and stopped myself. I had almost forgot about last night. Which made me wonder, what day was it? Damion looked at me confused. "Did I catch some disease or something?" He asked. His voice still scratchy. "No. I just remembered your hurt. How are you feeling?" I asked. He rolled his eyes. "I've been in worse pain. This is nothing." He answered. "Damion, it-" he cut me off. "I heard everything. Its not your fault. I came looking for you. I should have been watching his hand." He said. "You went looking for trouble and I lead it by a leash." I half smiled. He breathed a laugh. "We're always in trouble. Even if we sat at home we'd be in trouble. It always finds us." He smiled. "Do you realize how much I've missed that smile?" I asked. "Not as much as I've missed yours." He said. "Do you know what day it is?" He asked. "I have no idea. Your mom, my mom and Monica is waiting outside. I'll go get them." I said and started for the door. He pulled my hand gently. "Wait." He said. I looked at him. "What did he do to you?" He asked. He let go of my hand where I could roll my shirt up. The bandage hid it. "There's a D carved in my skin. Its a well promise I'm yours." I smiled. "No. Don't make a joke from that. That's awful. He's bound to be back." He said. "I'll be here when he's ready." I replied. He started to say something. "We'll worry about it when he gets here. You just rest." I said. He sighed. I walked over to the door and opened it. "He's awake now." I said. Ms. Anne smiled and walked in. Me. my mother and Monica stood by the door and watched. "Mom." He smiled warmly. "My baby!" She cooed placing her hands on the sides of his face. She kissed his cheek. "Mom." He complained. "Oh ok. Not in front of your girlfriend." She smiled. He rolled his eyes. We laughed. "What day is it?" He asked. "Uhm, Thursday." Monica answered. Mine and Damion's jaws dropped. "Five days? We were out for five days?" I asked shocked. "Its completely normal." My mother said. I rubbed my face tiredly. "We have to stay out of trouble. Every time we get in trouble we end up asleep for days!" I said. Everyone laughed.


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