The Nightmare Begins

The Nightmare Begins

Heyy! I havent been on in a long time! This is my new story. Hope you like it! Comment and tell me what you think! ^-^

Chapter 1

The Beginning

You just finished your shift and work. As your walk down the street, your ipod battery dies. "Damn" You say to yourself. You take out your headphones and uncaringly stuff it back into your bad. You start to regret not charging the battery before you left home. Looking up at the dark sky, you shiver against the cold air. Then suddenly, you hear a strange sound, almost like faint footsteps. Freaked out, you walk quicker and you look back but see nothing there. Suddenly, you collided with something hard and cold in front of you and you stumble. You then feel two strong arms either side of you and help support you. You look up and see a young man with pale skin with jet black hair staring down at you. "S-sorry, I-i didnt mean--" You stutter. The man smiles. "Its quite alright, young miss..." You stare into his silver eyes and feel hypnotised as you look into their depths. Abruptly, you pull away and quickly start off back home again, confused about what just happened. Before you turn the street corner you look back and see the man, watching you leave. You quickly round the corner and run the rest of the way home. You get inside and lock the door. A few hours later when your about to go to sleep, you hear a mysterious sound eminating from downstairs. You creep down the stair, carrying a heavy book for protection, and turn the corner toward the living room and see..... TBC!

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