Under Age & Out Of Control (20)

Chapter 1

Perfect Weapon

"Come on. Crank! Please!" I begged the car but it wouldn't. I had the bat beside me. I looked up in time to see Dani standing beside the car. I had locked the doors as he tried to open the door. When he figured out the door was locked he punched the window out shattering glass everywhere. I ducked away from the glass then I grabbed the bat as he reached threw the window and tried to grab me. I started hitting him everywhere with the bat. He drew his arms back and that gave me the chance to run. I escaped out the passenger side door. Thankfully my bike was right there and I got on and started pushing the bike and me as fast as we could go. "Bri, don't play games with me! Where's my brother? I swear I won't hurt him." He kind of yelled following me. Then it hit me, I had left my cell phone back at the house. Crap! Now I was done for. But whatever I done, I had to make sure Dani didn't go back to the house. I was going to lead Dani to the old gym next to the school. It was abandoned. Maybe I could take him out there. Alone.
I looked back. He was still following me. I turned. Making that the third corner I had made since we started this horror movie like night.
~Damion's POV~
I got to Bri's house. I saw her mom's car sitting in the drive. The window was busted out and the passenger side door was opened. I couldn't help but worry. I saw lights on in the house. What if something had happened? But Bri or someone would have called me. I walked in the house. "Bri? Jamie? Hello?" I called threw out the house. I saw Jamie come walking down stairs. "Jamie, where's Bri?" I asked. "She made me hide while someone kicked door." He said. "What? Who?" I asked. He threw his hands up in response. I looked around for some reason. I saw her phone on the table. I picked Jamie up and got Bri's phone and looked for Monica's number. "Hello?" She answered. "Monica. This is Damion. This is very important." I said. I told her what I had found and what Jamie had told me. I was going to take Jamie over to Monica's while I went looking for Bri and she called her parents to find out if anything was going on.
~Normal POV~
I stood in the dark hallway of the old gym with my baseball bat. I had it held so I could swing at any time. The only light was the bright moonlight shining threw the windows. There was so many hallways and rooms in the old gym. I never understood that. It was a gym. Its not like millionaires were gonna come walking threw those broken down doors.
I walked threw a door with the bat still in my hands. I didn't think to look behind me or around me. I had the bat held up ready to swing and hit Dani when I saw him. That plan failed when he grabbed the bat from behind me. I wouldn't let go of the bat but I turned around fighting Dani. "Don't make me hurt you, Bri. Just tell me where Jamie is." He said walking towards me. He slung the bat so I had to get passed him to get it. I backed away from him as far as I could until I hit the end of the hall. I couldn't run unless it was around him and that was impossible in the narrow hall. "I'm not going to hurt Jamie. I'm just getting him away from our stepfather." Dani said getting closer. He got right up on me. He placed his cheek against mine and whispered in my ear, "I know where your boy friend lives." Tears formed in my eyes and rolled down my face. "Please don't hurt him." I pleaded. "Tell me where Jamie is." He said. I gulped. I felt him roll my shirt up above my stomach. I closed my eyes. I knew this was the end. The problem was, I hadn't told Damion I loved him one last time before my time was up. I felt the knife blade as it peirced my skin on my stomach slowly. He put more pressure on the blade and I screamed out. It felt like he had branded a D on my stomach. "Stop!" I heard Damion yell. Dani quickly turned around. I pulled my shirt down over my stomach so Damion couldn't see it. It burned like crazy. I pressed my hand over it to try to stop the bleeding some. My shirt was black so the blood really wasn't visible. Dani was walking towards Damion. "Damion, run! Please! I'm not worth it!" I yelled. I fought against the burning in my skin where Dani had branded me. I waited for the right time to try to find the bat Dani had slung. I had to feel around on the floor in the dark to find it. I finally found it and ran back out in the hallway where Dani and Damion was fighting. Damion saw me and held Dani still long enough for me to hit him with the bat. He growled and turned for me when Damion punched him. For some reason pain coursed threw me quickly and I dropped the bat and gritted my teeth in pain. I looked up soon enough to see Dani pull out his knife. "No!" I yelled but it was too late. He stabbed Damion in the chest. "No! Dani you monster!" I yelled as Damion slowly went to his knees. I picked the bat up. I hit Dani as hard as I could. He hit the floor also. I drew the bat back again. "This, this is for Jamie." I said and hit him while standing over him. "This is for Damion." I said hitting him a third time. "And this, this is for me and everyone else you've hurt!" I said. I put all my power in the last hit. He didn't move anymore. I dropped the bat and ran over to Damion. "Are you?" I asked. "Never mind. Your stabbed in the chest and I ask are you ok. I'm really smart." I said. He breathed a laugh. I put my arm around him. "Come on. I can get you help." I said. He stood up weakly.
I got Damion outside. We were getting closer to the school. Then he started stumbling. "Damion. Get up. Come on. I can get you into town." I said ushering him to keep going despite the knife in his chest. "No you can't. Just don't leave me." He said while his knees began to collapse. "No. Damion. Get up! I can get you some help." I said with my arm around him still trying to pull him up. He wouldn't budge. I had no choice. I got on the ground by him. His eyes started rolling back in his head and he started trying to go to sleep. "No. Damion. Wake up. You have to stay awake. Come on." I said patting his cheek softly. He looked at me. "I love you, Bri. No matter what happens, I'll love you forever. You've made my life worth wild." He said. "Now, Damion. Don't start talking like that. Your gonna get out alive. But I love you. Your my best friend." I smiled threw my painful tears. "Jamie's with Monica. Tell my parents I love them." He said. "No. Dammit, Damion your not going anywhere. We have plans together." I said with tears trickling down my face. Again, he breathed a laugh. I brushed his hair back from his eyes. I took his hand. "I was hoping you would do that." He smiled. "Just incase this is a last time deal, will you kiss me?" He asked. "If you promise to keep fighting for me." I said. "I promise across my heart." He replied. I leaned in and kissed him with more passion than I thought I had. He placed his hand on the side of my face. Tears still rolling down my face.

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