Silent Memories

Silent Memories

Like many Thirteen year olds Ruby has her share of secrets.
But unlike fellow teenagers if someone found out just a couple of her secrets she'd die,Literally.
Well...not die...more murdered.
Ruby's always been different and to be honest she wouldnt have it any other way..even if putting on the regular average year 9 teenager façade could be a pain in the bootie sometimes.

Chapter 1


The names Ruby.
Ruby Jones if you want to be precise.
I'm thirteen years old.I'm in Year 9 of Aolchf Comprehensive School I like all kinds of rock music and a few pop bands too.I'm not a Punk or Goth.A Scene or An Emo nor am I a Sk8ta or a Chav.I'm myself.My own person and no matter what anyone thinks or lables me as i dont give a flying demon platypus.And i hide a secret not even my parents can know about.The truth is i'm not a regular human girl.Hell i'm not even Human.I'm a Hybrid of an Angel,Vampire and a Demon and i'm also the first female wielder of the Darosdukuana Blade in 500 years ..and the youngest in history to be chosen in history

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