school life as a witch

school life as a witch

you might think that everything would be fine great even but as usual you would be wrong

Chapter 1

To go is to die

by: hope202
I walked up the stairs to the door, a girl was there with the door opened screaming something about world peace. Like that would ever happen. I smiled at her as I waked in any way you cant hate people for trying. She smiled back and handed me a piece of paper. "Come to our meeting tonight?" she asked me. "Maybe." I said as i walked in.

The whole school looked different, spiders hung from the walls. What i hope was fake blood and not the chess teams, was thrown every where, any witchs dream high school. My best friend and the only one who knew i was a witch, tasha ran up to me. "OMG look at this place i did soooooo good!" she saw my amused look and stopped. "What does it not have enough blood? Is it too much?" "No hun it's great." She was a little crazy but when you only have one friend you learn to love having a crazy friend who was a cheerleader. Everyone thought i was evil, some would even go as far as saying i was a witch, if they only knew. I am a witch, I go to high school because I have to my parents are humans and they want their little girl to grow up normal, like that would happen. Like the dork i am no one wanted me.

Tasha ran to her boyfriend. calling over her shoulder "Sorry gotta go, ill talk to you at lunch ok?" "ok" I said she didnt hear me as she got swept up in the crowd of students. I looked down at the paper the girl gave me for the first time. "Witches." I read the bold print. Oh good she just invited me to a witch hunt. I read the rest of it knowing what it said. "We are meeting tonight in the gym to talk about what we need to do about witches." I crumped it up and threw it in the trash, no way was I going to come talk about how to kill off witches.

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