Help I'm Fat!!!

I was always a thin kid so maybe I just didn't watch what I eat.

Chapter 1

Help I'm Fat!!!

by: DarkNight
I woke up after my 30th birthday party feeling great, I look down at my feet (the first time I've done this in s while) and well, I don't see feet. What I see is stead is a quivering mass of fat. Although you might think I would've noticed this before I didn't. Then I remember, a month before I was in a fight and I remember being bigger than usual and completely flattening them (it is normally me who gets flattened). Anyway I had to choose between being a tank but risk all the health problems or go through the hard process of loosing weight and then get beat-up again. That day I went for my first cycle in ages. I really thought about my problem. When I cycled as a kid the thin layer of fat on my abdomen got pushed together so it felt like I was fat. I sort of liked it, it felt all soft and warm and I wished I knew what it was like to be fat. There was this other boy who was chubby yet he could just bat anyone out of his way. I never thought I would be fat but I got just as fat as him.

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