what ive been looking for(christmas adtion!) (a jb love story)

This a christmas version its a continue of the first one!

Chapter 1

christmas with justin!

It was two days befor christmas and I was busy and I haven't heard from justin in a while I was screaming at ppl. That weren't doing things right and I sit down and I think to myself "can't I have one good moment!"and all of a suden somone put there hands over my eyes and I say"ok whoever it is will u please stop I'm not having a good day!"and all I hear is a whisper of "why won't u kiss me then?"I. Whip my head around and its justin!I yell out"justin what r u doing here!"he replys to me"whell I think it would be nice to come see my girlfriend"I thought I'm his girlfriend!it was just a kiss I didn't think I would actually be his gf!"wait,I'm ur girlfriend?!"I said to him"whell yea I do love u.and I haft to tell u somthing when I had stayed the night at ur house and when I was on the floor I heard u say"I love u justin"and I didn't tell u cause I wanted to be the first one to say it"he reapled with a big cheesy smile I. Smiled and said"what?u did that aww!I love u too!"he kissed me and I went back to work and he left.

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