My Chemical Romance Ghost Story Prologue

This is the prologue. It's not scary... yet. However, it's quite funny. This is not a boring intro. It's an essential part of the story with the dudes and their Halloween plans. (You know what Halloween means, right, fans?)
[Written 2010-2011, Bob isn't here. Sadly... T.T I really miss him. But at least this was written at a time before MCR disbanded.]

Chapter 1


Frank Iero's birthday was coming in a week, and he was already getting thrilled. Gerard Way could sense the excitement in his little friend, and decided to ask him, "So... what do you plan for--" he made a pause, preparing himself for any weird answers before he finished the question. "--Halloween?"

"You mean my birthday?" Frank replied enthusiastically.

"Yes." Gerard merely replied.

"Well, I've been thinking... How about we go to the graveyard?!"

"What? Can't we just to go to the cemetery, like, a day or two after that?" Ray Toro asked, wondering what the mischievous guy was up to this time. "I mean, I just feel weird going there during Halloween..." he added.

"Don't be such a chicken, Ray! That's for normal people." Frank said, implying he was not so. "I'd like to go to the cemetery for my birthday, and that's final! No more questions.”

"Um, dude..." Mikey Way finally spoke.

"What?" Frank replied. "Didn't I say 'no more questions'?"

"Yeah but I was wondering, are you going to visit anyone who means a lot to you? I've decided to visit my grandma with my brother, you see."

"Great, then we can go to the cemetery where she's buried. But I'm not visiting anyone! I've been having a rough time lately, and I thought I might need some peace and quiet. You know, a time of reflection and silence. I thought the perfect place would be the cemetery. It's been a while since I've taken a long, good stroll past the headstones."

"Okay, whatever you say." Ray said.

"And I might get an inspiration or two for new songs..." Gerard pondered aloud.

After this, there was silence.

The next morning, Gerard was drinking coffee, not minding his thirty-year-old brother who was playing with a fork and toaster while he waited for his food. And while Frank was still freshening up in the nearby bathroom, Ray bounded in carrying the morning paper.

"Guys! We can't go to the cemetery on Frank's birthday." He said, not sure whether to smile or look disappointed. Gerard, sipping his coffee merely expressed a questioning “Hm?” While Mikey said "Wha--", was interrupted by a pop, zing, another zing, and a louder pop, and he said "Whoops! My bad!!!" and then threw a burnt and blackened fork into the rubbish bin and immediately unplugged the toaster.

"Mikey!!!" Gerard and Ray scolded.

"How old are you now, little bro?" Gerard asked.

"Duh! I just celebrated last month!"

"You're still an insane kid." Gerard said, recalling their childhood.

"Insane kid, huh?" Ray said. "More like an immature adult. I say so, for I've an idea he was more of sane than... a lunatic."

"Yeah, yeah; and talk about a unicorn-shaped cake for his birthday! And two unicorns--one baby pink, the other baby green--raising "30" with their horns, and there was edible glitter all over it. When I ordered the cake for you, they laughed at me! I growled back at them and said it's for my immature middle-aged little brother!"

"What?! How dare you speak of me that way to others! This is--This is unjust! You're supposed to be my cool older brother."

"Go ahead, arrest me. Sentence me to death, I don't mind. Whatever you do to me, my restless soul will do to your little Mikey Jr. the unicorn --or what did you name him? I'm talking about your birthday gift." Gerard said, unaffected.

"S-so?! I'll rip all your comic books apart!"

"Got millions of copies. Your unicorns, as you said, are irreplaceable. No one can replace Mr. Rainbows or Little Miss Fluff."

"Stop making fun of me! And just so you know, I never named any of my unicorns Mr. Rainbows or Little Miss Fluff!"

"Liar, liar, pants-- ehem, forks and toasters--on fire." Gerard said coolly.

"Talk about immature Mikey. Looks like thirty-three year old Gerard hasn't fully grown up yet." Ray said under his breath, watching the brothers fight.

Suddenly, the quarrel was broken. " Aaaahh! What?! What did you say?!?! I heard it all the way from the bathroom!" Everyone was silenced at this, and even Gerard and Mikey had to stop and stare. Frank just came out from the shower, towel wrapped around his waist, dripping wet.

"Hey, hey," Mikey said in a soft voice, that only Gerard and Ray could hear. "Talk about immature me. Look at that guy, the youngest and shortest member of the pack! He's still in his twenties, and will still be on his birthday."

“Big deal. He’s only a year younger than you.” Gerard was still in a mood of humiliating people.

"Yeah, but doesn't that count?" Mikey talked back.

"Maybe... Maybe not." was all Gerard said.

Mikey just scowled at his brother. Ray's thoughts ran: Now who's the real lunatic? He stared at Frank, waiting for him to say what he was supposed to.

"Did I hear right, or were the suds stuck in my ears?!" Frank sounded a bit psychotic.

"I'm sorry, I know it smells of burnt metal here. My bad!"

" Hear, Mikey, not smell." Gerard continued to annoy.

" Grrr!!! ” Mikey growled--to his own dissatisfaction--like a hyena. "Can't you connect things, bro?! What I meant to say was, sorry the toaster exploded! Damn!"

"No, no, I didn't mean that!!!" Frank said, still soaked up. "What did you say about my birthday and the cemetery?"

"Oh, that's right!" Ray said, and handed him the newspaper. "You all would've been notified earlier if it weren't for a pair of lunatics who just had to blab about--"

" Oh no! " Frank got tense and started jumping about and running around. "What will we do?! I must go to the cemetery on my birthday! I just must!"

"Can't we just go a day or two after?" Mikey suggested. "You know, just like Ray pointed out yesterday."

"A day or two after?! No! I shall not allow that."

“What’s the difference?” Ray asked.

Here, Frank stopped running and jumping, but kept on moving in place, like the hyper child he really was. "There is a higher probability of people going to the cemetery on All Souls' or All Saints' Day. My purpose is to settle in there for peace and quiet! I can't have the peaceful silence with all those people eating, singing, and dancing over the graves of their beloved!" As he said "beloved", he jumped like a little whiny kid, and because he was moving around so much, his towel fell off.

"God, Frank!" said Ray, shielding his eyes. "Just go get changed!"

Mikey quickly looked away, but Gerard stared with his jaw dropped, unaware his coffee spilled on his shirt. Frank picked up his towel with jack-o-lantern prints and did not bother to wrap himself on the way to his room.

As the sound of his footsteps weakened, Ray uncovered his eyes and Mikey looked comfortable again. Gerard was the only one staring into space--the spot where a naked tattooed lad had been. Mikey smirked and signaled Ray, by pointing at Gerard's ivory white shirt now with a brown cloud in his mid-chest area. Ray waved his hand, approximately sixty seconds straight in front of Gerard's face before a stunned Gee finally responded and said "W-- wha--?"

Ray had an eyebrow raised and the side of his lip up, looking at Gerard's face, then down at the stained shirt, then back up to his face. That was when Gerard noticed that he had a warm spot somewhere on his chest and he looked down. Mikey started laughing, not just because of the stain and how his brother reacted at bare Frank, but his brother's reaction to the stain was funny to him.

"That’s kinda mean, Mikey. But I got to admit, he does look pretty funny." And at that, Ray also began to laugh.

However, Gee did not retort at the two men who were suddenly crazed out at what just happened. Instead he said, "Cool. Looks like a dried blood stain. It looks like my heart was stabbed, but not really stabbed. I could just add a bit of red acrylic paint to make it look more realistic, and wear it under my jacket in the next concert. Then I'll reveal it to the fans, and who knows? I might strike the next fashion statement."

"Or deathwish." Ray joked, recalling one of their old songs.

Mikey was still laughing.

"Was my joke really funny?" Ray asked, knowing he wasn't the funny guy in the group--and that the actual funny guy was too bothered to even make them laugh, or let out a smile of his own. In addition to that, it was weird to see Mikey laugh for such a long time, since he's known to be the guy in the band with barely any expression of emotions.

"Nah-- Ha, ha! I j-just c-can't--hahahahaha--stop laughing!!!" Then he shifted conversation to Gerard. "You should have seen the look on your face, bro! You really didn't know what happened! Ha-ha! You were too distracted by naked Frank!" he continued laughing.

As Mikey held his tummy since it started to hurt, and as Ray stared at him with a weird face, Gerard's view was kept downward as he stared at the fresh coffee stain. Then, Frank finally came swiftly down the stairs.

"Well, fine." He said with a voice of conviction and confidence. "If they don't want people to go there on Halloween, I'll do it my way and go in my own time."

"Don't tell me--" Ray was the only one who really paid attention to him at that point.

"We'll all go the day before, and we'll stay overnight! Surely the guards won't really roam around inside since they won't expect anyone to be in there."

Now, Mikey stopped laughing and was gasping for breath. When he calmed down he said, "Unless there are burglars!"

"Nice one, Mikey.” Ray said. "What burglar would want to go to the cemetery, if not to visit anyone?"

"You know if someone so happens to visit sometime during the day, and leaves a precious gift for the dead, who knows? It might be valuable enough for him to steal, then keep or sell."

"What a diabolical mind." Gerard said.

"Thank you." Mikey was pleased at what his brother said.

"I was being sarcastic." Gee simply slurred.

"That doesn't matter." Mikey said with a half-forced smile.

"Let's just go with my plan. It's my birthday, my rules. No one, and I mean no one has the right to blow it." Frank said, feeling authoritative.

"No one? You sure?" Gerard pointed out.

Frank moved his determined hazels to Gerard’s sly olives that unusually lacked the luster they always had. He spoke just as crafty as his stare. "Who knows? It's either someone or some/thing/ ruins your deadly, silent killer-party."

"I-- I know. But all those Halloween stories are myths, come on!" Frank said, trying to hide a pinch of uncertainty in his voice. "And it's not true there are ghosts in the cemetery! Cemeteries are beautiful, only if you observe them for a while and reflect. You'll see how pretty and awesome the mausoleums and grave-gardens are, if you didn't think of its purpose alone."

"True, true. A cemetery could be viewed as beautiful. But I was referring--" here, Gerard dramatically paused, then continued with no emotion: "--to other things. More than dead people, more than ghosts... Other hidden--" he paused to think for a second "--entities, let's call them such."

"Hmm..." Mikey suddenly interjected. "I'm not sure if 'awesome' is the right word to describe mausoleums and grave-gardens."

"I wasn't using the modern meaning." Frank said, sounding unusually serious, and started to leave. "I'll just go sulk and reminisce in my room." He went upstairs, and the last the guys heard from him that day was the sound of his door closing.

Mikey and Ray were left staring at him leave, and Gerard was now looking down. They all knew there was something unusual about Frank that day, and they couldn't exactly picture what was in his mind. A minute of silence after the door closed, Ray looked at Gerard, and Mikey got back to the business of his burnt toast.

"In a mood for scary stories, Gee?" Ray asked.

"No. I'm just telling the truth. Actually, I'm warning all of you." He said, quite nonchalantly.

Mikey came back from the counter and was bringing a jar of strawberry jam and a bread knife with his food. "Hey, look everybody! I drew a unicorn on my burnt toast by scratching off the browned bread!" the other two made side-glances at his burnt "unicorn bread" but had other matters in mind, and went back to their own trains of thought.

For the continuation, kindly refer to the first page of my 'Created' list. Make sure to read the 13 chapters and the Epilogue!


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