Grow Up

Here is one of my newest stories, hope you like it!
Here it is!

Chapter 1

Picture is Ariel

Ariel Rose--Nikname: her rents call her Ari the Fairy
Age: 15
Skin: pale
Body: thin-energetic
Hair: brown
Eyes: gold
-believes in mythical creatures, fairytales, and happily ever afters
-lives with her painter mom and children's book author dad
-overactive imagination
-spends time with imaginary friends
-is tesed by everyone
-parents say she needs to grow up
-has no real friends
-playes in forest behind the house
-acts like a 7 year old

Nick Swinski
Age: 16
Skin: pale
Body: tall-strong
Hair: black
Eyes: black
-shares a house with 3 other guys
-lives "next" to Ariel (they live on large estates so theres a distance between the houses
-parents died after going crazy saying they saw mythical creatures
-has been watching Ariel in the forest & around town for weeks
-dropped out of high school
-likes to make fun of Ariel & ruin anything she makes in the forest
-carves things into trees randomly and laughs when Ariel yells at him for it

Chapter 1-
Ogres and Trolls and Nick
I pulled on a red, knee-length skirt, a blue tank top, and black converse. I picked up my tote bag with drawings all over it, and walked down the long, spiral staircase. "Morning, mom." I said and kissed my mom on the cheek. "Ari, don't forget your science diagram." My dad yelled from the writing/sun room. I picked up my diagram of the universe and started walking outside. "Ari, do you want me to call someone to pick you up and take you to school?" My mom asked. I shook my head and my normal smile widened. "No, me and Loren are going to walk." I said. I started to shut the door but Mom held it open. "Ariel Rose. I told you to give up your stupid imaginary friends!" I rolled my eyes. "Good-bye mom." I ran down the driveway and slowed to a walk when I got to my neightbors house. A few guys live there, and I'm pretty sure they hate me.


I walked into school and headed for my locker, with a smile still planted on my face. When I got to my locker, one of the neighbor guys-Nick-hit my project and it fell to the ground. "No!" I sreamed as he stood back and a couple other guys stomped on it. "I spent weeks on that!"
"Well, we spent seconds on it." Nick said and stepped up to me and crossed his arms over his chest. I remember when we were kids, he was always so nice and sweet but
"You aren't even supposed to be in here." I mumbled and looked away from his glaring eyes. "We picked up a couple classes." He said and the late bell rang. "See ya in science, freak."
He walked away and I moaned when I looked at my demolished project. I picked it up and threw it in the trash. It's ok, the fairies go through worse things. I smiled and grabbed my science book.

After School~

I went straight from school to the forest behind my house while humming. I went up into my treehouse and grabbed my acoustic guitar. I put an old, yet still bright and fresh, flower and vine crown I had made on my head. I went down the small ladder and ran over to a small meadow. In my mind fairies and dwarves roamed around. I smiled and a breeze blew my hair in my face.
I started playing and singing along to She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. "Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while. And she will be loved, and she will be loved..."
"Or she'll be hated like she really is." I stopped singing when I heard Nick's voice. I turned and smiled at him. "Why are you smiling? I just insulted you! You are fvcking retarded!" I shrugged.
"You look funny." I said and laughed. He kicked my leg and I just laughed harder.
"You have a death wish don't you?" He asked. I ignored him and started playing I Believe and then started singing a long. "You suck at singing." He said and pulled the guitar out of my grasp.
"Give it back Nick!" I yelled and jumped up. He threw it to the ground, pulled off my crown, and then shoved me back and laughed. I fell on my butt. I reached for my guitar but he kicked my arm and I pulled back. "Why are you being so mean?!" I yelled and he started laughing so hard he was crying. I jumped up, grabbed my guitar and my crown, and kicked him in the shins.
While he was hollering, I took my chance to run. "You biitch!" He yelled and I ran faster. I heard him coming up behind me and I dropped my guitar by my treehouse, along with the vine-flower crown, and kept running. Something slammed into my back and I yelped in pain. I fell to the ground and Nick sat on me. I couldn't breathe because rocks were digging into my ribs and Nick was pushing my face into the grass so I couldn't breathe.
I screamed and he flipped me onto my back. I coughed and tears stained my cheeks. "The trolls will eat you in your sleep!" I yelled and he just looked at me weird. He was now sitting on my ribs and it burned. "The ogres will get you!" I screamed and tried to pull away.
He moved so his knees were on either side of me and he was pinning my hands next to my head. "Get off!" I screamed and tilted my head back so I could scream for help. I screamed but nothing returned. I looked back up into Nick's black eyes. He took away one of his hands and touched an old scar which had been hidden by the strap of my tank top.

Nick's POV~

I remember that scar. It's from the first time I ever hurt her. I threw a rock at her, she had to have stitches. She cried for weeks. She screamed again and I fell off to her side. She got up and ran. "Stupid biitch." I mumbled and watched her run to her house. She'll never grow up! Ogres? Trolls? God dammit!
I got up and walked home. Supposedly where I'm going to be attacked by Ogres and Trolls. I rolled my eyes.

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