My Vampire Storys

This is a story about a girl,and how one missed shot ended her living life,but began her immortal one.

Chapter 1

Back to Life

Leita Hollows was walking home when there was a screech of tires write behind her.Then there was gunshots,and she was falling with something red gushing from her stomach,Then there was nothing ,but darkness

It's been 50 years since that accident.I'm a 64 year old stuck in the body of a 14 year old.I hate it. Constantly moving so people don't notice that you never age.That you never seem to come out during the day time.That you stay as far away form anything that can reflect your image Sometime I wish that Dimitri hadn't turned me.Sometime I lie in my coffin wondering how the world would be different if I had actually died.What life after death would actually fell like.The only part i remember was darkness,but it wasn't bad darkness or even good darkness,It was a kind of darkness that just felt right,but just as I was starting to enjoy the darkness I was rudely jerked up.Light flood my vision blinding me for a few seconds then they started to dim.I was staring up at the face of a very handsome guy.His eyes where as dark as the sky,but something about them just sparkled.He was dressed in all black ,and his light brown hair fell into his eyes."welcome back to life Leita he whispered.

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