Swallowed By Pain ~ A Horror Story

Swallowed By Pain ~ A Horror Story

A Horror Story. Not for young readers or the squeamish.

Chapter 1

A Police Officer's Investigation

He tapped his foot against the wall. Thump, thump, thump. The wall was hollow. He could tell. Reddish brown stains leaked from the drywall, soaking through the old paint and cracked tile. He raised his blood-shot, tired, gray eyes and looked in the small round mirror on the wall.

The reflection was not his own. A woman stared back at him. Her eyes were wide with an expression of horror and demonic possession. Her mouth craned open in a silent howl, her face littered with streaks of bloody gashes.

Repulsed, the man took a hasty step back, the breath catching in his throat.

The woman reached her thin, blood-coved arms out of the mirror towards the man.

He let out a scream of terror and tried to run away, but he slipped in the blood on the floor. He crashed down onto the rough tile, splitting open his right thigh and tearing open his forehead. He laid there, stunned and bleeding, panting and gasping for breath that would not come, his eyes as wide as a rabbit's.

The woman stepped out of the mirror and bent down over the man's helpless body. She was naked and very thin, and covered with the gore of others. She laid her hands on top of his back, and sharply shoved inwards.

The man screamed in anguished as her hands penetrated his body, and then her arms forced their way in. The man groaned and his eyes rolled back as unconciousness overwhelmed him.

The woman pressed her body into the man, and absorbed his body into hers.

The End.


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