Summer Rain; A Joe Jonas Love Story: Parts 5 & up

If you didn't read 1-4, u may want to do that first! I'll probably put those on here later!
This story is about a teenage girl that lives in California. She works at Fatburger and lives next door to a sweet hunk named Spencer, but gets caught up with Joe Jonas.
Btw the typos, its because my U and V button arent working very well. So sorry!
Thanks so much for reading this! I'm doin a Justin Bieber story with Poppyfrost soon. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you(:
~Love, Love, Love~

Chapter 1

Part 5: I'm in pieces

Mom had lost 7 pounds in three days. Her metabalism had slowed tremendously and she weighed only 97 pounds. She had to go through therapy twice a week now and I'd given her my life's savings from working at Fatburger. Not that I minded. I began helping her sell roses and tomatoes on the corner, and I ate 3 meals a day with her. "Mom, eat your peas," I told her, picking at mine. "I'll eat mine when you eat yours." I sighed, and added another glop of mashed potatoes to my plate to mix into the peas so I couldn't taste the little green devils. I tried not to make a face as I stuffed a huge bite into my mouth and chewed. "Mmmmmh, this is good," I said. My mom made a face and looked down at her own peas, "I don't know, they seem too slimy and gross to be good." I got a napkin and spit the goo into it, "They are, but you have to eat them anyway." I looked at my watch and jumped up, grabbing my apron from the back of my chair. Then I slowly looked down at my mother, "I'm not leaving until you eat them and if I'm late for work I lose my job and we go broke." My mom took her fork and pushed as many peas as she could onto it and swallowed the entire bite, going for another. "Woah, woah, woah. Slow down, I've got 3 minutes." She chewed her last bite quickly and gulped it down, slamming her fork onto the table, "Will you leave now, please?" I smiled and kissed the top of her head, "Yes Ma'am, bye mom!" I ran out the house and onto the sidewalk, when a motorcycle pulled up beside me. "Hey pretty lady, need a ride?" Joe said. I giggled, "Why, I don't take rides from stangers!" I said in my best southern belle accent. I continued walking, trying not to blush. "Ma'am, there's no worry here. I'm Joe. Joe Jonas." I looked up at him, "Samantha Santini, nice to meet you." He shrugged, "Well, get on now! This thing'll tip if I don't go faster." I ran over to him and jumped onto the back of his motorcycle. He handed me a helmet, turning around and grinning at me, "Hey, babe." I kissed him, and put my helmet on, "Hey." The revved the handles and went faster then light. I wrapped my arms around his waist, soaking up his sweet smell. There was a traffic light, and I had 5 minutes until I was late. I looked nervously at the light and Joe must have felt my tension because he flipped the glass to his helmet up and looked me square in the eyes through the glass of my helmet, being a serious as Joe could get, "I'll do whatever the heII it takes to get you there on time." I smiled at him, then closed my eyes, trusting him. He'd offered to help me out financially, but I told him there was no way I was going to let him, that he needed to understand a women's pride, and that we were fine as long as I wasn't fired, and the only thing that could make that happen is if I was late. All he did was smile at me and say, "Then I'll do whatever the heII it takes to get you there on time." The light turned green and we were a mile away from Fatburger. I had a minute and thirty seconds. I held onto Joe tighter and he dodged every car in our way. 50 seconds remaining, we pulled into the parkinglot and I jumped off the motorcycle, undoing and setting down the helmet. I then took off running and made it inside with 25 seconds to spare. Gotta love my boyfriend. I got behind the counter, Spencer standing next to me, and waited for Joe to come inside. Spencer eyed me, "Why, hello to you, too! No I didn't notice how you got here! Wow, is that a Harley Davidson classic? Well who drove you? Oh, Jonas? Well does he take care of that expensive motorcycle? If he doesn't I know where he can park it." I turned to him, "It's been a month. Can you grow up?" He grimaced, "You're the one that thinks she can get anything she wants because she's dating a," he put his hands up and turned to face me, throwing quotes around, "'Teen-sensation heartthrob teenybopper wannabe freakshow goody-goody popstar'." That angered me, so I practically screamed, "What the heII?! You didn't act like this yesterday! Why are you all-of-a-sudden being a jerk?" Joe walked in, smiling and taking a seat at the jukebox. I was glad there were no customers right then, because I didn't want any witnesses. Although Reggie did see the whole thing. "Well maybe if you hadn't madeout with me in the delivery bus then I wouldn't be!" Joe turned and looked, astonished. I got an awe-struck look on my face. Then Spencer made the bold move of putting his hand on the tape of my neck and pulling me into a kiss.

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